Trump mówi czarnym konserwatystom, że jego oskarżenia brzmią: „Dlaczego czarni ludzie mnie lubią”? | Pełne uwagi



At the Black Conservative Federation Honors Gala in Columbia, South Carolina, former President Trump claimed to have robust support among Black voters.

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Very much everybody that’s really nice love you thank you we love we love you thank you very much what a group standing right next to me I’m honored to have you all with me Ben I’ve only known you I don’t want to say how long it’s

Too long but you have done some job the whole is I’m very proud to be with the five gentlemen up here very special and we have a lot of special ladies and gentlemen in the audience that are my friends and they have been for a long

Time thank you very much thank you for being here and I’m thrilled to be here tonight with crooked Joe Biden’s absolutely worst nightmare hundreds of proud black conservative American Patriots the worst nightmare together we’re part of the greatest political movement in the history of our country it is the

Greatest movement I think without question in the history of our country and it’s uh done great things and then we had a little Interruption but uh the interruption is not going to last much longer and we’re going to have a tremendous Victory it’s going to be even I believe greater and

Probably more important even than in 2016 that was now number one but I think this is going to be something very very special over the past eight years we’ve energized the Republican party and we’ve expanded the Republican party you and I have made it bigger better and so much

More interesting than than ever before and much more important than ever before in 2020 we increased our share of black vote by 50% 0 and we earned more votes from African-Americans Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans than any Republican in Generations is hasn’t been you go back many many decades and uh we’re really

Honored by it we’re on track now to smash you see what’s happening in the polling’s coming out and they go wait a minute there must be a mistake here they’re saying black people really like Trump there must be a mistake these guys know it’s no mistake they’re saying what’s going on we had

One today 28% we had one at 31% and you know I hate to say when uh I looked at Romney does anybody know Romney didn’t he get 4% he got 4% and falling and uh we’re we’re at a number that people are frankly if we were 28% I don’t even

Think we have to do the election they would just I think they just wouldn’t they just want to leave they would leave they just say let’s get out of town well the getting is good because we’re going to do great things for everybody for all Americans as one sign of just how great

A job we’ve done there are more black Republicans serving in the US House of Representatives today that at any time since the 18 70s that’s a long time ago to me that’s a sign of progress but the radical left Democrats and a cause and it’s a uh it’s

A cause for panic for them it’s a nightmare hysteria and rampant outbreaks they suffering from a terminal case of trump derangement Syndrome have you all heard they have Trump derangement they are really not doing well but and they shouldn’t be doing well cuz honestly they’ve done a lousy

Job for you they’ve done a lousy job for you they’ve been done a lousy job for everybody but for black Americans they have done a very poor job every day we are welcoming more black voters back home to the Republican party you remember the party of Lincoln party of

Lincoln to help us reclaim the party of Frederick Douglas party of Abraham Lincoln and other great people we’re delighted to have some of our party’s most most prominent Leaders with us tonight and they are really incredible Leaders with Incredible Futures and some of them like Byron

Donalds is so young Wesley Hunt is so young you guys are so young oh I’d like to get a couple of years from them they’re young and they’re brilliant and they have an incredible incredible future they really do I think they have an incredible future Senator Tim Scott

He gave me his endorsement he’s been one of the best people we’ve ever had uh involved with us he’s been unbelievable he’s a Dynamo and uh he I heard what he said to you he gave a speech today at Rael he tore the house down he’s better

For me than he is for himself you know that right you know why he’s a good person I don’t mind speaking about myself he doesn’t like speaking about himself he likes speaking about people that he thinks can do a great job he’s a special man where is Tim by the way is

He around here someplace because he was just back there uh he is a very very special guy and another special man is secretary Ben Carson and you know we were running can I tell them our little uh little statement that you made to me in a church one day

Actually you made it twice you made it in a church and you made it just before a debate but we’re running and he was doing very well by the way he was he was knocking him dead everyone loved him he was tremendous his religious support Evangelical support in particular and he

Was going up up up and I was up there I came out and we would I was doing really well and I started to get a little bit nervous about Ben he was going up a little too fast I was not and he said to me you have nothing

To worry about God put you in this position you’re going to win we I was running against him he’s the most competitive guy but he said you’re going to win God put you in this position and I W I was confused because I’m ready to

Go into a debate stage and he’s doing so good and he made that statement and I always remembered that and then he made a similar statement at the church and uh he’s been a great friend of mine he did a great job no Scandal remember he was

At HUD everybody at HUD has Scandal you know they get a little money for an apartment house approval someplace no Scandal whatsoever HUD you go check out HUD housing Urban Development check it out there’s been a lot of problems over the years there was nothing he just ran

A great operation with some very good people you had you were right about all those people and they were great thank you Ben very much we appreciate the job you’ve done and thanks also to Black conservative Federation Founders Deontay Johnson and Quinton Jordan fantastic people Congressman Joe Wilson you know

Name is for uh a remark he made years ago nobody will ever forget it and we love this guy he’s a he loves our country a woman that I’ve known for a long time I refuse to say how long but I’ve known her for a long time and uh

She’s really incredible and she was she was very Advanced I mean she understood what was happening long before most of the people in the room really did alvid King where is alvid where is she thank you Al you really were you know you were a Pioneer in the Republican party so to

Speak she understood what was going on Vice chair of the California GOP Corin Rankin thank you very much Corin thank you very much great job she’s another one going places a lot of people like going places in this room Vice chair of the Maryland GOP Nicole Bennett thanks Nicole great job you’re

Doing too A friend of mine on somewhat controversial but smart as hell Vernon Jones swis Veron he’s not even are you controversial Vernon no Scott Turner he did a fantastic job in the administration Scott Jack Brewer these are great names that have done an incredible work Duke Tanner thank you

Duke and I granted uh clemency a pardon to Duke and he’s gone on to do fantastic things it’s it’s interesting I can endorse a person and sometimes they’re grateful and sometimes they’re not I mean I you know endorsed a few people that you probably read about they

Weren’t so grateful were they huh what do you think and not too much they weren’t too grateful to me right and uh they said uh will you run against the president and he said I have no comment that wasn’t good that meant yes but I did I endorsed uh a few people that

Weren’t very grateful but the one thing when I gave pardons to people every single person I mean I’ve never seen so when they see me they cry it’s such an incredible power of the president and people that I felt were unfairly convicted of something or maybe it was

Too long we had a woman a wonderful woman we all know who that is I won’t even mention name she was given 50 years in jail 50 she served 22 23 and uh she had like 25 years left I said For What and today it would be they

Wouldn’t you know it be a reprimand what she did and it’s it was so sad to see that I let her out I let a lot of people out a lot of lot of great people but I’ve never had anybody that I’ve never had anybody with a pardon the

Endorsements mostly good but you know 10% of them just just really are not very appreciative I wish I had that them to do again I would never give them I would never give them I would never give them I’ll tell you that much right now the hell with those

People but when I pardon somebody I’ve never had anybody get out and said oh I don’t like him I never liked him I’d like to run against him I’d like to do they always they see me and they literally start to cry people with records and people that had some big

Problems and they’re cleaner than anybody else in the room you know when you give a pardon they’re expunged of everything they’re the cleanest people I often say this guy who had a rough life is cleaner than anybody else in the room all dilatant right they say the cleanest

But it’s something that I really appreciate so uh we appreciate some of the people that I gave pardons to are in this room and we all know who you are or we I know who you are and it was my honor it was my

Honor a man who I really like and he’s a hell of a pastor I can tell you that Pastor Mark Burns Mark where are you where’s Mark Burns he’s he’s a great guy good these lights are so bright in my eyes that I can’t see too many people

Out there but uh I can only see the black ones I can’t see any white ones you see that’s how far I’ve come that’s how far I’ve come that’s a long that’s a long way isn’t it he ah we’ve come a long way together Lynn Patton she’s been incredible Lin

Pat and tonight’s honor is so deserving Mary milin and CJ Pearson so Mary and CJ congratulations that’s unbelievable with the help of many of you in this room we are going to win the South Carolina primary tomorrow night hey this is exciting stick around we all get together

Okay and this November we’re going to defeat crooked Joe Biden he’s a crooked corrupt horribly incompetent president who’s destroying our country other than that I think he’s quite a nice man now you know it’s funny uh I was talking uh this steady we had a big

Rally we had a really we had we could have filled that Arena it’s a 8,000 seed AR we could have fill that thing three times and I said to the people I didn’t say this often but I said look here’s a story I always respected the Office of

The President and the presidency so much and I would never hit Biden very hard but then he indicted me he indicted me I said I can’t believe it I got indicted I got impeached and we won them thanks to these couple of guys back here but I got impeached and Ben

Was helpful too I will tell you but I got impeached that was a terrible thing should never happened and it turned out I was right in the impeachment the phone call turned out to be exactly right they found the laptop from hell it confirmed everything that I said they actually go

Around now saying you know we shouldn’t have impeached that guy he was absolutely right but we beat him twice but I got indicted for nothing for something that is nothing they were doing it because it’s election interference and then I got indicted a second time and a third time and a fourth

Time and a lot of people said that that’s why the black people like me because they have been hurt so bad Bly and discriminated against and they actually viewed me as I’m being discriminated against it’s it’s been pretty amazing but it possibly I don’t know maybe there’s something there but I

Got also sued and a lot of it comes right out all of it comes out of the justice department or it comes out of the Democrat Party and it’s a disgrace this is like a third world country and I say often alons Capone I don’t know if

You know who alons Capone is this was the roughest meanest gangster in history I’ve been indicted more than alons Capone Scarface if he had dinner with you and if he didn’t like the tone of your voice he would kill you that night you would never see your family again you were

Dead I got indicted my parents are looking down say how the hell did this happen to my son I never heard the word practically but we’re going to do something that’s great for our country we’re going to make America great again for everybody but we’re going to make

America great again also and I’m not sure I can say necessarily again in this case for African-Americans we’re going to make America great for all of our country but for African-Americans and maybe maybe we have to leave the word again out you understand what I mean because maybe there is no again we’re

Going to make it great for you and great for everybody and that’s important our country has gone through hell and in many cases our country is in hell right now and we’re going to turn it around we’re going to turn it around fast for everybody and I think you’re going to be

Very very happy big start tomorrow we won as you know Iowa in a landslide we won it by twice the record we had the biggest margin ever times two that’s not bad we we did have number nobody thought and in all cases it’s been higher than our expectations or anybody’s expect we

Went to as you know New Hampshire and we got more votes than anybody in the history of the New Hampshire primary then then we went to Virgin Islands and Nevada Virgin Islands we won all of the delegates in Nevada we only got 99.7% we won so that’s four and I heard

Nikki today Nikki Nikki wonderful I will never run against our president he was a great president don’t forget she worked for me but a lot of people don’t realize I actually moved to there because I wanted to get Henry the governorship if you want to know the truth that was very

Important and he’s been a great he’s been a great governor and Peggy they’ve been a great couple but that was a big actually it was a big factor I said well if I move her over she’ll probably be okay but we’ll get a great governor for

A state that I love I’ve always won here I won the primaries and I won the elections we we never had a loss here Ben right we never had a loss but uh so dicki we’re going to see how that all turns out but we have a big deal

Tomorrow and it’s so important that everybody get out and vote because we want to win by big margins because the big day is November 5th and we have to send a signal that we’re coming we have to send a signal our message to the black community and this

Election will be a very simple one if you want strong borders safe neighborhoods Rising wages good jobs great education and the return of the American dream then congratulations you are a republican it’s pretty simple Joe Biden and the radical left have abandoned everything black Americans care about they’ve uh they’ve really let

You down look we all understand it they’ve thrown black Americans overboard and it’s been uh not a pretty thing to watch you take a look at some of these inner cities but I and the Republican party will fight for the black community like you have never had anybody fight for you

Before and with me you will never be taken for granted you will never be taken for granted they’ve taken you for good you ever noticed they always come around about 2 months before an election then they get your votes and then they go on and you know four years later they

Come and say hello or two years depending on what office we’re talking about but they come back and they uh do nothing they do absolutely nothing until it’s election time then they come in they they uh seek your vote the future we want is one nation indivisible with

Liberty and justice for all and that’s what we’re doing and that’s what we’re going to have and Joe Biden is actually his incompetence perhaps but Joe Biden is a threat to democracy a real threat to democracy they’re trying to turn that around they’re trying to say Donald

Trump is a threat to democracy no no when they do weaponization and when they do election interference like a third world country they’re really a threat to democracy under my Administration black Americans prospered like no time in the history of our country we achieved the lowest africanamerican unemployment rate ever

Recorded that’s a big stats that’s like you know Babe Ruth hit the most home runs or Barry Bonds I don’t know who the hell is it what are we giving Barry Bonds huh it is i’ see you know I know they put an asck I’m trying to figure

Out what’s going on but there’s something awfully nice how many home runs did he hit you know do we give it do we give it to Barry Bond tell me do we give it to Barry Bonds and Babe Ruth you got to give it to Barry okay I’m

Okay with that huh Barry okay okay I’m with I’m with Barry hey especially tonight I’m with Barry I’m with Barry in front of another group I may be with the babe but I I don’t but we also set record low unemployment rate among black young people it was a record it

Ever it was never anything like it before the China virus you don’t mind if I call it that we want to be we want to be accurate you know it came out of China it came out of China right 1.2 million African-Americans lifted themselves out of poverty on the

Strength of the Trump economy the most in more than a century think of it it’s never happened like that before black Americans saw their largest increase in home ownership ever recorded these are things that happened during this 4-year period Wesley right all of it the black labor force participation rate reached its highest

Point in a generation with Senator Scott Tim Scott came to my office I’ll never forget it I have an idea he said we created opportunity zones which drove billions and billions of dollars in wealth to revitalize our most distressed communities especially in the inner cities I think it’s the greatest

Economic development program maybe ever and people don’t talk about it but that was done by Tim Scott and then he came to see me and we got it done and it’s been incredible I got record funding for historically black colleges and universities you know the first year I saw like 45 guys

Come up they’re the heads of most I think guys one wonderful woman actually they were the heads of the colleges and I said so what are you doing they said we come up every year to ask for help funding I said all right I didn’t think

Much about it but I got it for him the second year they came came up and I said what are you doing here well we’re back again I said you have to do this every year they said yeah every year we come up we never have funding so we always

Come up and ask for funding and one of them said I feel like a beggar I come up I feel like a beggar we do a good job with those incredible schools but I feel like a beggar coming up I said Woo that’s tough and sort of then forgot

About it as we did you know I was focused on Russia Russia Russia hoax and lots of other things right that we won we won there was no collusion I couldn’t have told them that on in the first minute Ben but the third year they came

Up I said okay you’re here to get money again aren’t you yeah that’s and they’d come over to the White House and I got to know them a little bit and they were fantastic I I tell you in particular like I had some guys in there that were

Phenomenal people and I said you’re looking for money again I said I have an idea why don’t we you get you a 10-year plan where you have all the money you want give me a number and I’m going to add some more onto it and I’ll get it a

Approved and I got it approved and we took care of these incredible people and I said the only bad thing is that I like you guys I may never see you again it was very sad actually I said goodbye to him and actually I’ve never seen him again they don’t need me

Anymore but Ben knows this you remember that period of time it wasn’t that easy to get either and I think a lot of the politicians in Washington use that as a lever to to take advantage in other words every year that’ have to come up

And what are you going to give me now they don’t have to they don’t have to kiss anybody’s ass anymore I can tell you that so we took care of that a lot of people don’t know that everybody on stage knows it and we’ll invest more in

A second term we’re going to take care of them and uh they they really have they’ve done a great job and it’s very tough you competing against schools that have billions and billions of dollars in endowments and it’s a tough it’s a tough deal but they’ve done an incredible job

Under crooked Joe Biden it’s been nothing but cat it’s really a catastrophe and a disaster and you know it better and I’m not saying this and this is not this is from the heart it’s been a disaster for black Americans Biden gave you a three-year inflation rate of almost

39% so over three years didn’t matter if you made a little bit more money after inflation you were way way behind the number of african- American families living in poverty has increased by more than 50% since the year one of his administration hard to say that his administration because you know we got

More votes than anybody in the history of a cting president we got millions more votes than we did in 2016 I was told by John McLaughlin and Fabrizio the great poers sir if you can get 63 million votes that’s what we got in 16 there’s no way

You can be beaten well we got like 75 million votes I said so I guess we didn’t get beaten yeah but they said we got beaten now we’re going to be watching very closely look we have we have a country we have a country that’s

Got a lot of things going on we have an open border we have bad elections we have very very bad elections you have to have honest elections and strong Borders or you don’t have a country you don’t have a country the average mortgage payment is now almost two times as high

Costing the typical family an extra $199,000 a year in mortgage payments from when I was President you and your family cannot afford four more years of bomic he thinks it’s a good term it’s a really bad term anything having to do with his name is bad that’s why this

November black Americans are going to tell you all watch The Apprentice right they’re going to tell crooked Joe Biden you’re fired you have fired get that the hell out of here you you’re fire get out of here you’ve been an incompetent horrible president you allowed Wars to go that should have

Never happened Israel should have never been attacked Ukraine should have never been attacked you’re a lousy president worst president ever the happiest person about him though and man who thinks very warmly of him is Jimmy Carter because Jimmy Carter is now considered a brilliant president by comparison to

Crooked Joe Biden Jimmy Carter is a happy man for Biden wrecking the dreams of African-Americans is nothing new you know this you know the real story behind this guy I said do I really want to say this stuff but then I said what the hell I’ve been saying it you know when they

Said oh you can’t run you know when you look at the president is such a cherished incredible position such responsibility but 92% of the people were politicians and 8% were Generals so no per were from where I came from so they said oh he’s just going to have a

Good time you think I’m having a good time I’m not sure it’s a good time but I love it that’s love it because we’re going to make America great again that’s why I love it but I said do we really want to hit him that hard because if you do you can

Really go back into history with him it’s the only thing he’s really been good at his entire career you know what that is being a racist because he’s a racist crooked Joe backed NAFTA which is a disaster for just a disaster it’s been a disaster for Hispanic Americans and for black

Americans China’s entry into the World Trade Organization where they just ripped us apart I took in 472 billion dollars from China no other president has taken in anything they did not want to see me do so well you know we’re leading in every poll by a lot you see

It and I don’t think China’s too happy about that actually the transpacific partnership and every other globalist horror show that ripped the guts out of our country and pulverized black workers and owners of small businesses so to any black voter who’s thinking of casting your ballot for us for the first time it

Might be for the first time and probably is it’s amazing what’s happened in the last two years is actually amazing and it’s been based on results Real Results just remember you owe crooked Joe Biden absolutely nothing you don’t owe him a thing so do not feel guilty please do not feel

Guilty the radical Democrat Party has waged war on black families for many many decades think of it it’s really a hundred years it’s a century they’ve controlled these cities for 100 years hard to believe I said can’t be it is they’ve controlled and look at what you

Take a look at Baltimore you take a look at New York you take a look at Chicago you take a look at all of these places take a look at what’s going on in the west coast take a look at what’s happening and they’ve controlled these cities for a hundred years and nothing

Happens uh there’s slum areas they’re dangerous nothing has nothing has happened and we’re going to change it we’re going to change it thank you I like that guy thank you thank you very much what a voice I love that guy who the hell is that is he a friend of

Yours yes we’re going to send him to the met so come join us in the Republican party and never ever look back we’re doing we’re going to do it right we’re going to do it right on top of everything else Joe Biden really has proven to be a very nasty and vicious

Racist he’s been a racist whether you like it or don’t like it I happen not to like it most of the people in this room happen to not like it and if somebody does like it they’re not supposed to be here Biden spent years ping around with notorious segregationists you know that

He boasted that his home state was a slave state he was very proud of that he thought it was great if you go back and look at his body language and the way he said it he was very proud of it he said that he didn’t want his children to grow

Up in a quote racial jungle I don’t want my children in a racial Jungle Joe Biden drafted the 1994 crime bill which caused unfair sentencing disparities that devastated the black community black families Corey Booker called Biden the architect of mass incarceration remember this it was a time when Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden

Were talking about predators and super Predators you heard that this a hell of a lot more of a speech than you thought you were going to get isn’t it huh they thought would be boring them would make we give a little quick boring speech but uh we got it’s called let’s

Tell it like it is right and then years later tell it like it is thank you very much just want to tell the truth remember remember Howard coel I just tell it like it is it ended up getting him fire but these are my and then years later in an act of

Stolen Valor crooked Joe had the nerve to falsely portray himself as a hero of the Civil Rights Movement which was such which was so false and then he said that if African-Americans didn’t vote for him you ain’t black now that one that one you know that one that one’s been so

Recent I didn’t even want to but he did say that a lot of people were surprised he did say that that but that one so recent I didn’t even want to put it in we had to go back to the real stuff but he did say that I was a little surprised

To see it I’m sure you were too unlike racist Joe Biden I’ve spent my entire life working hand inand with black Americans to create jobs build buildings invest in our communities and expand opportunity and freedom for citizens of every race religion color and Creed and

We have I built a lot of buildings and I want to tell you a black worker is a great worker you’ve done an incredible job they’ve done an incredible job really talented great people and that goes for others to Hispanic is incredible you know the Hispanic numbers

Are been you know they’re through the roof with in Miami we’re leading in Florida with Hispanic along the Texas they call it the uh the caror but they it’s it’s the line going between Mexico and Texas for a long way we want every single commity Community along the uh

They call it the Special line we want every single community and mostly I think it’s 88% Hispanic it was a fantastic thing something that I’m so proud of and it is really changing the Republican Party the Republican party has been a much bigger party it’s a much

Bigger more inclusive party and that’s a fantastic thing yeah no it’s it’s just it’s a Fant I’m very proud of it here’s my promise to you as your president president I will go to work for you every single day I will not quit until the American dream

Is alive and thriving for you and for every citizen in our land and we put America First you don’t mind that we put America First everywhere Joe Biden puts our citizens last I will put you first you will be first and America will be first and we’re going to do things that

Nobody ever thought possible our country right now is being destroyed by people coming in that nobody has any any idea where they come from think of it they’re coming in from prisons and jails they’re coming in from mental institutions and insane asylum that’s a mental institution on steroids okay they’re

Coming in at a level that nobody’s ever seen before these guys have it’s the biggest thing it’s the it’s the biggest so when I ran in 2016 it was such a big thing the border that was peanuts compared to what we’re talking about now and I tell the story I did

Such a good job in the Border remember they’re coming in they’re racist they’re this they’re that uh and they said rapists too rap I called them everything it’s peanuts compared to what this turned out to be and that was less those words were very inflammatory at the time

About 3 months later they realized that the words were correct except they weren’t strong enough it was actually the opposite but we took this and we we did a job with it and then they couldn’t wouldn’t talk about it anymore they didn’t want to talk about it but we

We’re talking about it now because this makes what happened in 2016 it just pales by comparison there’s never been anything like this this is an invasion of the United States of America and they’re taking your jobs and they’re taking Hispanic jobs and they’re taking union jobs how about the unions the

Unions they worked long and hard to get their wages up and they have wages now and people are going to be working for or 15% and 20% of what people are getting now and we don’t want that we don’t want that in some ways it’s good

For an employer but it’s really bad for our people and it’s very unfair for our people and we don’t want that we want people to come into our country but we want them to come in Legally through a process and it is true a lot of unions

Are looking and they’re saying what are we going to do because you know you’re driving a truck and they do great job but you’re driving a truck and somebody comes along and he’s willing to do it for a tiny fraction of the cost and those people are out of jobs the unions

Are going to be in big trouble and Biden’s the one that’s allowing him in you know he gave two and a half million work permits this year to people that are illegal immigrants two and a half million work permits and those are and those are people and the bigger problem

Is and you know at the uh at Georgia in Georgia to University of Georgia they had a horrible killing I said there’s a new category of crime it’s called migrant crime it’s coming in at a level that nobody’s ever seen before and it’s vicious I call it Biden migrant crime

But it doesn’t sound as good no fairness it does it’s too long it’s migrant crime but just remember he’s the one that allowed this to happen by stupidity while Biden wants to raise your taxes by $6 trillion I will make the Trump tax cuts the largest tax cut in history

We’ll make it permanent and give you the new economic boom it’s going to be an economic boom when I was President we slash taxes for Working Families we double the child tax credit which frankly wasn’t a republican thing to do but I said we have to do it I do things

That aren’t necessary Republican you know I do what’s right and I do things based on common sense somebody said you’re a conservative said no I’m I’m really a person of great Common Sense we need borders we need a strong military we need good education we need low

Interest rates we want to be able to buy a house it’s really based more on common sense I think than anything else who could allow what’s happening this is an invasion have you seen New York where hundreds of thousands of people are living on streets are taking parks that

The kids can no longer play they’re going into schools and taking schools they don’t speak a word of English and they’re sitting down in classrooms nobody knows what to do it’s a disas F that’s happening and that’s happening all over the country as we supported moms and dads by dramatically expanding

Education savings accounts I don’t know if you’ve taken advantage of it but it’s a phenomenal thing under my leadership the Republican party will always support the creation of strong thriving healthy American families and something that’s very big in the news today through Alabama you saw that decision we want to make it

Easier for mothers and fathers to have have babies not harder for them to have babies that includes supporting the availability of fertility treatments like IVF in every state in America you saw what happened it’s become sort of a big story I put out a statement and so many politicians are calling me thank

You for that state and I put it out on a thing called Truth social it’s the hottest platform it’s also where I speak it’s uh it’s hot and it’s uh it’s truth everyone said you’ll never get the name truth I said let’s try it sir don’t bother you’re not going to they wanted

Something with five letters like tweet I don’t know is it a tweet anymore I don’t think so you know it’s X so what do you do say you’re going to Tweet I don’t know they changed the name I was sort of happy about that but think of it they

Said they had all these different names these crazy names that nobody understood and you know like Ze xingang five letters I said ideally five letters like tweet is five letters I said uh what about the word truth sir you can’t get that there’s no way you

Can ever buy that that’s uh generic and it’s just that you’re not going to be able to get it I’m sure so I said why have you checked no but I know you can’t get it so you know these are Wise Guys these are guys you pay them a lot of

Money they they don’t know what the hell they do it I said do me a favor I’m sure you can’t get it try try so uh guy walks back into my office 45 minutes later he said sir you were right we just bought the name truth for $2,100 I would have paid

Millions I would have paid Millions a guy had it he said man I and he probably got it for nothing and you know a long time ago and he’s happy he’s a very happy man you know he walked away with a couple of thousand bucks for

Doing nothing having a name tied up and we have the name and Truth was poor and that was a good was a good exp but it just does tell you always give it a shot never give up if I wouldn’t have said that would have some name that nobody

Knows has any idea what it means like the overwhelming majority of Americans including the vast majority of Republicans conservatives Christians and pro-life Americans I strongly support the availability of IVF for couples who are trying to have a precious beautiful little baby they need some people need help

Right you agree if Wesley didn’t agree I’d probably have to take that back but he agrees because again that’s common sense we want to help people we want to help women they need help in some cases today I’m calling on the Alabama legislature to act quickly to find an

Immediate solution to preserve the availability of IVF in Alabama the Republican Party should always be on the side of the Miracle of Life and the side of mothers fathers and their beautiful babies and IVF is an important part of that and our great Republican party will

Always be with you in your quest for the ultimate joy in life and that’s to have a baby so if we can help we’re going to help right a lot of politicians were very happy because they didn’t know how to respond to the decision that came down

Now they all know how to resp I got so many thank you notes from Big politicians they said thank you sir because they didn’t like what was uh what was happening and now everybody’s happy and I believe that’s exactly where it’s going to be going but they needed

That little well maybe it’s called leadership I don’t know what you’d call it maybe it’s called just being intelligent but that’s what we want we want to help the mothers we want to help uh people that want to have a baby that maybe otherwise would not be able to I

Will stop the Biden inflation disaster and we will if you don’t mind drill baby drill being watch energy come way down you know the inflation was caused I would say would you say 100% byon or 99% by energy right 90% he says 90 yeah it was just caused by energy these guys

Came out they stopped the drill they stopped now they’re going back to the drilling now they’re going back to the Trump drilling because elections coming up but the day after that if they should win because if they win the country is destroyed I don’t think our country will

Survive if they win this election I think it’s the most important election I used to say it about 2016 and I meant it but 2016 was nothing compared to what we’re going through right now we’re left at all over the world people think we’re they can’t believe it we’re like we’ve

Become a joke we become a joke we’re being laughed at we have no they don’t respect our leader how can you respect a guy he can’t put two sentences together see the stage we have three four four five steps we have all over the place you have stairs he can’t find his way

Off the stage secret service has to run up to the stage he’ll walk off the front he has no idea where the hell he is and he’s negotiating with he’s negotiating with president president she of China is so tough there’s nobody in Hollywood that could play his role president she you

Meet him he goes we must begin negotiation immediately I said let’s talk can you chill out a little bit you ever go to a ball now it’s the first time I met him he and I were great until Co and then I sort of like said that’s that was just

Too much but we had a great relationship and uh first time I met him hello how are you we must begin negotiation they said I like that too actually I respect it you want to know the truth in other words he wants no there’s something that’s okay we don’t we don’t

Have to talk about the weather it’s a wonderful day isn’t it beautiful had the Yanke do last night who cares I will also pass the Trump reciprocal trade act that is if China or any other country makes us pay a 100 or $200 percent tariff or tax we will make

Them pay a reciprocal tariff or tax of 100 or 200% right back and basically it’s saying and we don’t have too many children in the room and I’m sure most of them wouldn’t be too offended by this it’s basically saying you screw us and we’re going to screw you back that’s all

It’s do we’re saying if they charge us a tax they charge us if we build a car if we send it to China they have a massive tax so therefore it never gets sent you don’t have ch you don’t have American cars in China and you don’t have too

Many China cars here you know why because I put a big tax 27.5% any car made in China and therefore our automobile companies are doing better but you have other companies you have other countries that are really playing that game very big one of them is Mexico uh deal was made

You know they’ve taken 30% of our car business over the last 25 years that’s a lot 32% to be exact and they moved it to Mexico and I was thinking seriously about putting a big tax that any car any car made across the border on the wrong

Side of the border on the Mexico side of the Border going to put a big tariff on the car like 30 40 50% the car no longer has any viability I’ll say come on over and hire our people and build your plant in the United States and you won’t have

Any tax to pay right and we did a lot of that we did it with different Industries and we did really well this will bring back millions of great paying manufacturing jobs and raise wages for workers of all backgrounds the next pillar of our effort to earn the votes

Of African-Americans will be an ironclad pledge to seal the Border Stop The Invasion and send Joe Biden’s illegal aliens back home we have to do this we have to do this have to go no country can can sustain 18 million people whatever it’s you can’t sustain this when when you go

To these cities and they’re living in the middle of your best streets they’re living on people’s Lawns they throw a tent or they just lie down it’s such a sad thing I mean on a human basis it’s tragic they should have never let this happen but there’s no no country can

Sustain this and don’t forget generally speaking they don’t send their finest I got to know most of the leaders like in South America they come from all over the world but you think of South America but they come from all over but I got to know them they’re very cunning people

They’re street smart people our guy is not Street Smart our guy doesn’t have it you know what are you remember I said that about Chris christe you you’re not allowed to use the word fat you know that you’re not allowed to call you’re not allowed to call somebody

Fat it’s Politically Incorrect okay so I was with you know this guy has Trump derangement syndrome like nobody how’s he doing lately by the way uh he’s he’s got Trump derangement syndrome at I would say a terminal level and some guy some guy shouts out in the audience

He’s a fat but nobody heard him he was very quiet right nobody heard him he was in the front row he said sir he’s a fat pig and I said okay listen you stand up please the guy stands up big strong guy I said you cannot call Chris Christie a

Fat pig you just don’t do that you can call him a pig but not a fat pit you’re not allowed to use so never please I’m going to have to have you remove for this room you can not call him a fat pig I said that about 12 times to the guy

During the night so anyway but it’s one of those things well he just did he just said something that was sort of cool back there but we won’t repeat it no one is a really is hit harder than uh the people in this room the black workers the Hispanic workers people that have

Good jobs they’re going to be decimated everything is going to be changed the world is going to be changed because of all these people pouring into our country country and you have to understand though the leaders of these countries they are Street Smart they’re not sending their heart working good you

Know they’re sending people that’s why they’re sending them out of their prisons prisons in various countries that you know very well are empty they used to be full remember the pictures two years ago where they’re so crowded oh it was hell but these are rough guys

Too these are rough rough tough guys uh you look at MS13 probably the roughest gang in the world world I mean they cut people up for fun they don’t like using guns because it’s not painful enough these remember they attacked the two girls in Long Island going to school and

They cut them up into little pieces and these people are coming into our country they’re they’re nasty and tough and horrible but those countries keep their people the people that they want they send us the people that they don’t want that that is not just people from

Prisons that is not just people from mental institutions and terrorists it’s other people also uh they are trying to keep the people that have made their country whatever it may be whether that’s good bad or indifferent their wages will be cut in half your wages will be cut the black worker their wages

Are going to be cut in half but much more I believe much more than that and ultimately their jobs are going to be gone they’re going to be given to other people it’s a bigger problem than anybody understands just like I was saying a year ago you know I don’t want

To be bragging but there was a hat that was made about two years ago it said Trump was right about everything and it was a big I was right about everything I’m telling you I was right about everything and what’s happening now is is something I said if you allow these

Massive numbers of illegals in you’re going to have a crime wave the likes of which has never been seen it’s now starting I’m surprised it took as long as it took but you’re having a crime wave now a different crime wave but you’re having a crime wave the likes of

What has never been seen before in this country I just can’t believe it took a couple of years I guess they were getting comfortable in the country and then they said all right now it’s okay to start beating up policemen but uh the crime wave is really big it’s migrant

Crime it’s really big it’s a terrible thing and you add that to the crime that was already very high uh this Administration has been a disaster Joe Biden has already given work permits as I said for two 2.5 million illegal aliens to complete the total betrayal of black Americans it’s a betrayal you’re

Not going to be able to get jobs we got all these people and they’ll work for practically free and you know it’s just you’re going to lose your jobs and meanwhile migrants are being dumped in predominantly black communities you know that look at what’s happening in Chicago I watched women specifically some

Incredible women they’re like mothers people that love their neighborhood their you know their pictures and names of their neighborhood they’re saying we don’t know what to do these people are coming in we don’t know what to do and the city is giving all of the money to

Them they’re not giving any money to anybody else they’re giving hotel rooms they’re staying in luxury hotels and our veterans are blacks and our Hispanics and our Asians are living on the streets with nothing it’s crazy it’s crazy he’s flooding our towns with foreign gangs and deadly drugs drugs are pouring

Into our country but these women I don’t know and for some reason it seems to be in Chicago in particular the way they they have a group it’s just wonderful beautiful black women that are saying what are you doing to us you’re destroying our way of life that’s going

To be that way all over the country it’s going to be that way all over the country on day one I will terminate every open border policy of the Biden Administration and we will begin the largest domestic deportation operation in American history we will also act to swiftly crush the wave of violent

Crime and you know uh these people come from some pretty tough countries and I said it before they couldn’t do what they do here you know you saw the middle finger going out to our police the other day if that happened in their country they’d be they’d be dead within two

Minutes they’d be dead they took them a little while to realize that we’re politically correct or politically wrong in my opinion but took them a little while but if they went and you go into some of these South American countries where they have the guys with the

Bullets across the you know puncho V all right boom boom they got more bullets you got to be strong just to carry the ammunition and I got 28,000 of them to protect our border don’t forget I told Mexico you have to give us 28,000 Soldiers the president of Mexico laughed

At me he said why would we do that what are you crazy we’re not going to give you I said yes you 100% no no no we won’t we won’t you know that story did anybody hear that story we won’t we won’t and I said no no you will you have

To give us 28,000 soldiers we’re building the wall we built 571 Mi of wall we’re going to do another 200 miles of wall we had it built and then when Biden came came in all you had to do it was going to take 3 weeks it would have

Been erected 200 extra miles far more than I said during the campaign that I was going to build but I said to Mexico you have to give us soldiers because they’re coming through your country in numbers that nobody’s ever seen and the president said no I said listen you’re

My friend I like the guy I said you’re my friend send somebody to negotiate with me so they sent this gentleman over a very handsome guy tall beautiful looking guy and I said uh I want 28,000 soldiers guarding our border and I’m not going to pay and they said

Uh we’re not going to do that we had a woman from the state department who was a very nice woman she worked on Mexico exclusively for 25 years I said give me the top 10 things that you want I’ll get all 10 of them they said uh she said sir

You’re not you’re wasting your time we’ve been after this for 20 years like catch and release in Mexico like remain in Mexico like your title where you have sick people not allowed into our country because they will they will give disease to other people that would never have

Happened you have a lot of very sick people and we all have a heart we want to take care of the people we can’t have them come into our country and infect our country and all of these things I had 10 Things I went to Tom homman who

You know he’s a tough guy I went to a couple of other Brandon Jud great people and they’re very strong our border was the strongest it ever was I said to him no no you’re going to give it to me no he said I’m not going to give you 28,000

Soldiers I’m not authorized to do that I said I promise you you’re going to give it now you’re going to give us 28,000 soldiers and we’re not going to pay for them and they’re going to go from east to west or west to east I’ll take it

Either way and you’re going to give us 28,000 no no no he says no way I said way way and he said and then I said to him here’s the story you’re going to give us to 28,000 soldiers we’re not going to pay and if you’re not we’re going to put a 25%

Tariff on every car that you have made that you st sold out of America we’re going to give you a 25% tariff every single car and every product that’s made in Mexico that comes into the United States is going to have a 25% tariff placed on it and if you’re not going to

Give us the soldiers it goes into effect on Monday morning at 7:00 in the morning it was a Friday and he said uh sir you know you ever see a guy choked like over a putt or over a pitch by a guy that throws a ball at 100 miles like H and uh

You could see he was a little chokey he was getting a little bit choky may I have five minutes I said to call the president of Mexico yes sir to call that he comes back in in about 3 minutes he goes we would be delighted to provide you with

28,000 and we had that’s why we had the lowest numbers the best numbers in the history of the border the history of our country by far we also did two other things drugs were down 57 % now drugs are 10 times higher than at any time the drugs are pouring into our country

There’s nobody to stop up it’s not just people and human trafficking and it’s almost always with women it’s women and you think of it almost as an ancient crime you know when you hear human traffic you don’t think about it as today in this world Well it’s worse

Today than it was a thousand years ago and the reason is because of the computer because of the internet they search the internet for women and they grab them it’s an unbelievable horrible thing and it’s big business it’s getting to be as big as the drug business and we’re going to

Stop these people we’re not going to do it we did a better job on that than anybody’s ever done we had it because it was very hard to get them in they they’d have women put in trunks of cars it was vicious vicious and we had it large we

Had a big portion of it stopped I mean these are violent people very smart but violent violent StreetWise people and we had so much stopped and we did such a good thing and then when he took over he let it all expire the person from the White House from the uh Secretary of

State’s office from State Department she couldn’t believe it she said you got every one of the 10 things we’ve been trying for 25 years you got every I said I told you I got every single one I got things remain in Mexico that was a big

Thing when you come up if you want to come through Mexico that’s okay but you’re going to remain in Mexico until you approved to come in of which a very small portion got approved like about 4% but you are going to remain in Mexico you had to see Tijana you had to see

Some they they became like one of the biggest cities it was a mess I said they can’t come into our country we did such a good job if Joe Biden you know somebody told him he looks great in a bathing suit now he’s 81 years old and I

Don’t know I’m not sure that Carrie Grant you know Carrie granty was this very handsome guy I’m going to put it more in this Sydney puer I thought he was very handsome right when he was 81 I’m not sure he looked great in a bathing suit I don’t know if anybody

Looks too great in a bathing suit at 81 what do you think maybe these guys look good at a bathing suit but if he would have he was told by his genius political consultant some genius that probably gets a million dollars a day sir you

Look great in a bathing suit go to the beach remember he couldn’t lift the chair you know what the chair weighs like about 3 O It’s Made of aluminum it’s meant for child’s children young children that are four years old to be able to lift them for their

Grandfather remember he he gets the chair and then he can’t lift his feet out of the sand and somebody was saying that uh this is a good look it’s not a good look and it’s also not a good look to be on beach on a Tuesday and a

Wednesday and a Thursday you know maybe Saturday and Sunday Ben but you know when you got a guy that can’t get his his feet out of the sand he’s falling over he can’t lift the chair and uh it was a pathetic site actually and all he had to do but if he

Went to the beach and left the Border alone just left it alone he would have the greatest border that we’ve ever had but because I did it they dismantled everything they dismantled stay in Mexico think of it remain in Mexico it was such a big thing it was a big deal

To get that from Mexico by the way Mr President I want you to uh have everybody remain in your country do you think that’s easy to say to a guy that’s why they laugh at me when I first went there I said yeah we want remain in

Mexico we want this we want that but the big thing 28,000 we want 28,000 soldiers and they laughed at me they said this guy must be stupid this how could he ask for something so ridiculous within 10 minutes they were agreeing to everything you know you got to have the

People that know how to sell and if they don’t know how to sell you got the wrong people you work 25 years she was a good woman by the way but worked 25 years she got nothing I work 10 minutes I got the whole damn thing you take I’ll give you another

Example I give you another example in France the leader macron right you know that right so I was told I was told and they’re very you know diffic they’re very difficult actually and uh I was told very strongly that they’re going to put a big tax on our companies doing business business in

France Emmanuel Emmanuel and they were going to put a massive 25% tax on American companies doing business in France why you know we don’t want that why is that we don’t do it to them so I called up my Treasury Department I said go and negotiate and tell them if they

Put the tax on we’re not going to be happy they did they came back a week later they said they won’t do anything sir it’s been passed by the legislature so I I said I don’t care if was passed by 10 legislators tell them we’re not

Going to take it I said you got two more days come back they came back they didn’t bring the the turkey so I said watch watch a grown-up do it these are all Geniuses they all Smart Guys spectacles nice spectacles you know brilliant guys all brilliant they can’t

Do crap so what I did I called up I said get me Emanuel macron please Emanuel how are you oh Donald Donald I miss you so much we must have dinner I said yeah but first we have to settle a problem look you have a you’ve instituted a big tax American

Companies 25% yes yes yes oh yes we have done that oh and uh yes it’s been fully approved thank you very much it’s already in fact as it is a story Manuel take it off well I won’t be able to do that this was approved by the legislature that’s okay you are the

Legislature here’s what you do take it off fast because if you don’t take it off I’m going to put a 100% freaking tariff on every bottle of wine and every bottle of champagne that comes into the United States from France no no no Donal you cannot do that that would be very

Unfair I said no unfair is what you’re doing to American Cup within about 3 minutes he said may I get back to you I said yes but you got to do it fast because it’s ready to be instituted I have it in front of me right now I’m

Going to sign it he calls me back in about 3 minutes Donald we have decided to remove the tax we will not be charging American companies and that was the end of that is that good is that a good story I mean you know these are

Stories I could give you more of those crazy stories I got so many of those I would I kept you out of war with that same kind of stuff you didn’t have any wars we defeated Isis we killed salaman we killed Al baghdaddy we knocked the hell out of Isis don’t

Forget Isis I was told by our generals the television generals we have great generals by the way great we have a great military but not the guys that are on television not not Millie he says you beat me he actually beat me too not Millie not others I won’t say but that

You know you get to know him after a while but we have great warriors in there raisen Kane right what’s your name sir my name is Kane what’s your first name raisen sir I said wait a minute your name is raisin Kane yes sir that’s what they call me I love you General

I’ve been looking for you for a long time and he beat that crap out of them he what he did was unbelievable he knocked them out in six weeks I was told it was going to take four years I met him I flew to Iraq and I actually met I

Landed an Air Force one had to turn off all the lights after 20 years you still couldn’t have the lights of a plane on we landed on the runway maybe you heard the story told it a couple of times we landed on the runway sir they said sir

We’re getting ready to land we’re about an hour out could you please have all the lights turned off in your cabin I said why because we don’t want anybody to see us so we spend a trillion dollars and we have to turn the lights off because we’re going to be shut

Down think of it how crazy I said can you imagine I’m spining and I’m they’re pulling down the shades they turning off not only pulling down the shades pulling down the shades and so the plane is totally dark inside no lights on the wings nothing everything’s out and

They’re flying and so what I did is I went up and I said uh I want to see the captain I want to fly in with them because I love doing that I love this great equipment although the plane’s 32 years old I ordered new ones and I saved

$1.7 billion do from what Obama was willing to pay I have to tell you black president but I got 1.7 billion left would you rather have the black president or the white president who got 1.7 billion off the price I think they want the white guy right

Now got 1.7 billion off the price I said no no no I said we’re not doing it no no no I kept saying no to Boeing and the price kept coming down for the exact same plane anyway so I went up to the cabin and the captain said this Captain

Better looking than Tom Cruz I was going to say in taller but I don’t want to say that because I got myself a job a perfect looking like a male model everything perfect you know they put the best people flying the president which probably makes sense the

Helicopters and the planes yes sir it’s a great honor to have you in the cabin with us sir they had four guys who look like the most handsome human beings I’ve ever seen he said sir we’ll be landing in 20 minutes sir and I don’t know if anybody

Has ever been in a cabin of a very sophisticated commercial plane one of the Great Planes and uh you it’s all computer uh operated the sounds and everything they have a voice and when you get 100 feet or a th000 feet it says 1,000 and it’s a computer voice but it’s

You wish you could speak that way so it goes 1,000 and I’m having a problem because I don’t see any lights and he’s telling me we’re about ready to land and I’m looking out for and I’ve SE I’ve been in a lot of planes I love you know

The whole feel of sitting up front it’s like you’re in a bird and I’m watching and I have these guys there they’re perfect they’re cool as cucumbers the two captains and never seen so many people in a plane they have five telephone operators they say how many

Calls can I make you know but they have guys if I want to call China sir I take care of China I take this is uh serious this is like the real deal so anyway so I’m walking up I say captain are we okay talk about jok I’m going are we

Okay Captain is everything all right I don’t see any lights up there Captain he goes sir we’re fine sir and then you hear 1,000 that means we’re th feet over there that’s not much that’s like that’s like a building and this plane’s very big and there is absolutely nothing on

The ground and there’s nothing in the plane it’s totally dark other than a little tiny light up front so they can see a little bit and I said uh Captain okay you sure everything’s okay would you like to go back let’s go back to America said forget I want to go to Iraq

To find out why the hell we couldn’t beat Isis and I did this we left at 3:00 in the morning from the White House everything was very top secret nobody knew I was going it was a big surprise when I ended up there in fact they said

They think Trump’s on vacation no that’s Biden that’s on vacation all the time think I took more vacations in any human being in history I think he set the record in history not just for a president he’s on vacation right now whenever there’s a problem he’s in one

Of his many homes if fure that one out he made 179,000 was his top salary he’s got homes all over the place so we’re in there it says 1,900 800 700 600 that means 600 feet that’s very close to Earth and underneath is desert not a light 500 Captain are we okay is

Everything you I’m is everything okay C yes sir no problem sir we’ll be landing in 30 seconds Sir 400 3002 200 so now we’re like 200 ft off the ground this massive airplane the wheels are down 100 there’s not a light in the runway you know the way runways are all

Lit up right we know it they’re all lit up like like flash bulbs it’s not a light in the runway and then boom boom we land so beautifully like perfect and I said to the captain thank you Captain I’m walking out of there man then I went I said great job Captain

Yes sir that was great honor to have you sir great honor sir and I’m walking out like get me the hell out of here so this is all fact so now I’m in Iraq and I’m uh I’m going down and I see my people and I said let me ask you a

Question does the president of the United States have the right to give himself the Congressional Medal of Honor because because I feel I was extremely Brave in sitting in that cabin they said sir we don’t think that’s a good idea I said okay see now I’ll show you how

Dishonest the Press is if that’s press back there here’s the headline tomorrow Donald Trump wanted give himself the Congressional Medal of home right they’ll say that’s why you can never be sort of cute and jokey and you know when I imitate Biden because he can’t find his way off the stage as you

All know he makes a speech that lasts usually about a minute and a half because the octane starts to wear off at a quick you ever notice he starts off strong within about two minutes he can’t talk anymore and then he walks off you ever notice he always goes like this

Then he comes back up to the mic and he’s looking he’s totally lost there’s stairs all over the place he can go there there here he could jump off the front of the damn plot but he always he always goes like this and then there’s a St right there right then he starts

And then and then Secret Service by the way secret service but they are they’re incredible people so one of these beautiful handsome smart intelligent you know with a far greater IQ than he had when he when he was 45 they’re much smarter than he you know always lousy when Secret Service is

Smarter than the president okay something but the Secret Service always runs up grabs them and leads them off the stage and we say this is our president right but here’s the problem with that like I’ll sometimes say Barack Hussein Obama is the president of our country and they’ll say Donald Trump

Didn’t know who the president was what I’m saying is Obama’s calling the shots perhaps but when I say that so it’s very dangerous for me to do this when I say when I do the walk my wife I said how did I do good honey but you couldn’t

Find your way off the stage what happens I said what the hell they say that Donald Trump couldn’t find his way off they know it’s not true so I don’t do too much imitation of that anymore I don’t do it but since do we have a good time what the

Hell right no it’s true no being being sarcastic I interchange names all the time every time I interchange the name and I do it in sarcasm every time I interchange a name they say Donald Trump didn’t know this one from that one I know exactly what the hell I’m don’t

Forget I’m up here now rapping to you guys for 45 minutes without any notes cuz this stupid teleprompter wasn’t working so I could say like Biden he’d go like this if the tele you know sometimes no matter how good the equipment they don’t work right so if

Biden lost the telepro first of all he’s no good with the teleprompter anyway even when it does work how about when he takes questions from the Press he goes here has notes because when I was in the white remember I used to get these tremendous skirmishes I’d scream and I had that

Idiot from CNN I had all and we won we did win I had a lot of fun but think of this uh uh Jim from NBC and he’s yeah yes yes Mr President uh what’s your favorite color of the ice cream and flavor of the Ice

Crebe uh okay then he picks up a card and he reads the answer my favorite color is black but my favorite ice cream is vanilla so think of it the Press asks him questions they ask him questions and he reads the answers that never happened

To you did that ever happen to you no they re they ream us right with questions but it never happened with us but since Biden took office over 29 major cities have seen a 30% increase in murders or higher they’ve never had a crime wave like this in in the country

It’s going to get much worse because of Migrant crime last year Washington DC had the highest number of murders in 26 years we have a capital where people afraid to go there now they’re getting murdered they go there from South Carolina they go there from different

Places and they come home in a box no one has suffered more than black Americans from the pro crime agenda of white liberals most of the violent crimes in these cities are committed by a small all handful of dangerous repeat offenders many of whom have been set Loose by Marxist prosecutors they don’t

Want to go after them and radical District Attorneys who are too focused on locking up Republicans say they do they I have more people after my ass than anybody I think I don’t think there’s ever been a criminal the worst criminal in history has not had the kind of

Attention that I’ve had and that’s weaponization that’s trying to inflict pain on your political opponent we’ve never had that before in this country you do have it a lot in third world Nations but we are becoming a third world nation like citizens of all backgrounds black Americans want to live

In safety and that is what I will deliver as your president you want safety more than anybody else you want safety you want to be able to go get a a loaf of bread and not be shot I will bring back the rule of law in America and your community will be

Safe I promise you that as president I gave our police office the support and the resources to do their jobs and to do their jobs properly we did a great job with that and crime was way down we also passed groundbreaking Criminal Justice Reform we wanted that

And nobody wanted it more than our great black citizens they wanted it they came to my office we had uh a tremendous guy named Van Jones you know van Jones he works for CNN so nobody watches but he came to my office along with a few other

People he was brought in by my very brilliant son-in-law Jared who’s probably liberal but I don’t want to talk about it to you a brilliant student from Harvard probably liberal but anyway he says van Jones would like to see you and a couple

Of others I said uh I’m not a big fan of Van John’s he said no no it’s so good it’s criminal justice van Jones comes in he said sir you’re the only with five votes short you’re the only man that can get Criminal Justice Reform done we’re

Five vot short sir we need to get some conservative Senators you think that’s easy to get no I said so tell me about it and he he breaks down and he starts crying and I thought it was a beautiful thing I mean it meant to me that he

Meant a lot and he was crying like a baby in the office saying we need your help sir it’s not going to happen we were so close close but we’re five votes short in the Senate and I said so tell me about Criminal Justice Reform and he said it’s something that the black

Community feels very very strongly about and I said let me look into it and he left but the the guy was uh he broke down totally broke down in my office and I called up some guys and uh one of them said H you’re calling about criminal J I

Don’t want to do it sir but if you want it I’ll do it I said really I’d appreciate you vote I called up another one and then actually we had a CP of conservative guys that actually wanted it right we had some conservative uh senators and Congress people very

Conservative some of the most conservative actually had the the biggest liberals and the biggest conservatives but I called up a couple but I had a really twist arms as they say in the world of politics and I got it done nobody else could have done it but me Obama tried he

Couldn’t do it Bush tried he couldn’t do it they couldn’t do it I got it done and it was a big deal and everybody was happy and they had a big celebration then they had a news conference and Van Jones was there with about 15 or 16

People I called my wife our great first lady who says hello to you she loves you by the way I called our great first lady and I said honey I did something really good watch watch this because the man is right there that I did it for and uh he broke

Down in my office he really wanted it it was very beautiful to watch he wanted it really for the black population it’s a very important thing you know uh you’ve been trying to get Criminal Justice Reform for 60 years where people are put like some of our friends they given 50

60e jail terms for something that they should be given almost no jail term and it’s a it was a serious problem but I said baby watch this it’s going to be beautiful he’s going to say great things about me I love that look I don’t care who you are if if you’re watching

Television and somebody’s on it they say nice things about you you tend to like them or you tend to at least want to watch we can all be cool I don’t care no if you’re but I said watch this honey it’s really important what we did is something really special nobody else

Could have done it but me I’m the only one could have done it and so watch how nicely he’ll recognize me so he gets up he goes today we got Criminal Justice Reform I want to thank Reverend Al Sharpton he had nothing to do with it

And he said I want to thank Jim Jones I want to thank Jim Smith I want to thank Irving Schwarz I want to thank this I want to thank that I want to thank this he’s reading a list he never mentioned my name and I say van Jones Someday I’m GNA

Get you van Jones it’s true you know that he never mentioned my name my wife said congratulations darling great job you did Benny never mentioned my name and I thought that was terrible and you can’t do that stuff you know you can’t play those games black conservatives

Understand better than most that some of the greatest evils in our nation’s history have come from corrupt systems that try to Target and subjugate others to deny them their freedom and to deny them their rights you understand that I think that’s why the black people are so

Much on my side now because they see what’s happening to me happens to them does that make sense I’ve heard that when I did the mug shot in Atlanta you know that mug shot is number one Elvis Presley is Elvis Presley’s is number two and Frank sinatras they they had Frank Sinatra for

Fighting and they had Elvis for I don’t know something in a gas station he tried to hold up a gas St I don’t know something Elvis so Elvis is number two but he was always number one my my the mug shot we’ve all seen the mug shot and

You know who embraced it more than anybody else the black population it’s incredible you see black people walking around with my mug shot you know they do shirts and they sell them for $19 a piece it’s pretty amazing Millions by the way millions of these things have

Been sold so I don’t know if I’m proud of it or not proud of it but anytime you can beat Elvis that’s okay right over the past few years millions of Republicans have woken up to the dangers of weaponized power in our government and our justice system and no one knows

About that better than me when I returned to the White house I will have no higher priority than to restore Fair equal and unbiased and impartial justice under the Constitutional rule of law that’s for everybody in this room everybody in this country we share the dream of Reverend Martin Luther King Jr

He was great what a speech where is she where’s my beautiful it is oh I want to be able to see you I wish they’d turn off those lights I want but you are so amazing and we’ve been friends so long but we share those dreams of a Nation where we are all

Treated equally because we’re all created equal with equal rights and equal dignity in the eyes of God and we love God every time the radical left Democrats marxists Communists and fascists indict me I consider it a great great badge of honor because I’m being indicted for you the American people I’m

Being indicted for you the black population I am being indicted for a lot of different groups by sick people these are sick sick people never forget our enemies want to take away my freedom because I will never let them take away your freedom it’s very simple they want

To silence me because I will never let them silence you and in the end they’re not after me they’re after you and I’m just standing in their way I just happened to to be standing in their way from the very first day that we take back the White House and it’s going to

Be we are going to take back something this is the greatest make America great again when Biden gets up and says we’re going to stop make America great I say the guy doesn’t even know what the hell it meant if I said Joe what does Maga

Mean I don’t know please tell me I’d love to know make America great again but right from the beginning take away our beautiful cherished White House from crooked Joe Biden I believe we’re going to have the four greatest years in the history of our country and the four

Greatest years for the black population it will endure to your benefit just as it did in my first four years before I even arrive at the Oval Office shortly after we win the presidency I will have the horrible war between Russia and Ukraine settled and restore peace

Through strength just like one I did the wine and just like I did with the soldiers we will have peace we will have peace we’re not going to let that go on people are being brutally killed by the hundreds of thousands the numbers are far greater than they report we’re going

To rebuild our cities into beacons of Hope and safety and Beauty better than they have ever been before we’ll work with Democrat Mayors and Democrat Governors if we have to but we’re all controlled by the Democrats but we will go in and we will straighten our cities

Out and we’ll get rid of the crime we will take over the horribly run capital of our nation in Washington DC and clean up renovate and rebuild our capital city so it is no longer a nightmare of murder and crime but rather it will become the most beautiful Capital anywhere in the

World we will clean it up and we will make it safe and we will fix the roads which have potholes and filth and garbage and the medians which have fallen into the roads and I just wonder what foreign countries what leaders have foreign countries think as they come

Into the Washington DC and they see the deplorable graffiti all over the beautiful white marble columns I will always defend Medicare and Social Security which as you know Nikki is not doing a good job on that you know we sort of don’t even talk about her anymore it’s amazing when you do badly

In the polls how you don’t mention people isn’t it it’s an amazing phenomena I hope you nean I hope I hope you remember that tomorrow but I will support our because we have to get out and vote we have to send the signal for November we have to get out and vote we

Have to win by big margins in Iowa as I said I got the largest margin in history by double and New Hampshire the same thing we got the most votes in history more than John F Kennedy think of it he’s right next door we got many more thousands and thousands of votes more

Than John F Kennedy that’s a great honor I will support our community churches and we will put Faith and family at the center of American life and and that’s a huge thing for the black community I will fight for Universal school choice so that every parent has the power to

Send their child to the private public charter or religious school that is best for their child I will get politics out of our classroom and focus our schools on the skills of our children we want them to be able to graduate from school and succeed and get

A great great job there are jobs that they’re well suited to but they don’t teach that in those particular schools I think that vocational schools are really lacking in this country you have people and they can make more money they can make more money that way

Than they’re going to make by sitting in some cubicle doing numbers which they might not be good at but they may be really great at the other kinds of skills and I will keep men out of women sports if that’s okay with you I will fully uphold the second

Amendment and unlike Democrats I will not disarm law abiding citizens while leaving guns in the hands of violent criminals we will protect innocent life and restore free speech and I will secure our elections like never before our goal will be one day voting with paper ballots and voter ID right voter

ID paper ballots you know it’ll cost about 9% I don’t know if you know that with all the millions and millions they spend and it’s still really messed up it would cause to have great secure elections 9% the cost of doing it the way we’re doing it now it’s a scam but

Until then Republicans have to win we just have to win if you took the 10 worst Presidents in the history of the United States and added them up they would not have done near the destruction and harm to our country as Joe Biden and the Biden Administration has done he’s

The worst president in history and I I’m telling you and I told you before I would never be this harsh I’d say well he’s got some difficulty now once I got indicted I said wow that’s horrible nobody thought that was going to happen even the super liberal pundit said well

They never indict a popular president I got the most votes of any sitting president in history by far so I guess that makes me popular I watch some of these shows and they say well he’s not popular I said I think I’m really popular I have a 92% rating in the

Republican party if I endorse somebody it almost guarantees they’re going to win and I got to listen to these fake news people say they usually tie me in with Biden they usually say these are too unpopular people I don’t think I’m unpopular really then they say women

Don’t like them I think women like me I think I’ve I never had a problem never had a big problem so if you want to save America then South Carolina tomorrow you must go out and vote you have to do it and in conclusion every generation black Patriots in this state

This great state I love the state we’ve woned every time primaries and general elections and all across our nation have poured out their Blood Sweat and Tears for our country black Patriots fought and bled on the battlefields of the American Revolution and they really did when you read the history what they gave

Up they gave everything to smash the chains of slavery and preserve our nation and they did it with Incredible bravery they helped win the wild west tame the skies and save freedom in the second world war they’re Warriors from the very beginning black Americans have been a vital part of the American story

Helping to make this the greatest nation in the history of the world so true thank you we thank you we thank you for it but now we are a nation in Decline we are a failing Nation we are a nation that has lost its confidence its willpower and its

Strength we are a nation that has lost its way but we are not going to allow this horror to continue three years ago we were a great nation and we will soon be a great nation again we have to be we have to be it was hardworking Patriot like you who built

This country and it is hardworking Patriots like you who are going to save our country we will fight for America like no one has ever fought before 2024 is our final battle with you at my side black Americans again nobody has ever seen poll numbers like this if we could

Guarantee this for 9 months we could do you see this oh my friend’s right here here you’re going to be in that position that you’re looking for in California too I predict I predict you’re doing great but all of these incredible people all of these people they’re so great if we could come

In just at the numbers we have now there’s no way we can be defeated we have to come in we have to win because we’re going to lose our nation we will demolish the Deep State we’ll expel the warmongers these stupid crazy warmongers from our government they want to go out

And kill everybody and they don’t understand they want to kill everybody for no reason whatsoever countries that don’t want us countries that have people they’re dying all over the place we’re dropping bombs all over the Middle East again here we go with stupid people dropping bombs we’ll drive out the

Globalists will cast out the Communist marxists and fascists will throw off the sick political class that hates our country they absolutely hate our country and we will evict crooked Joe Biden from the White House on November 5th 2024 he’s been very bad to you he’s been

Very very bad to you the great silent majority is rising like never before and under our leadership the Forgotten men and women will be forgotten no longer they will be forgotten no longer they weren’t forgotten during that four-year period it was a glorious period for our nation again the best job numbers from

Every single group women men people with beautiful beautiful diplomas from MIT Harvard from the Warton School of Finance the greatest people with no diploma from high school every single group was doing better than they had ever done before we’re a movement and it’s a big movement it’s the biggest movement in

The history of our country make America great again Mega it’s and and you are going to be the biggest part of it I believe you could be the biggest part of it we are one movement one people one family and one glorious nation under God and together we will make America powerful

Again we will make America wealthy again we will make America strong again we will make America proud again we will make America safe again and we will make America great again thank you very much everybody we love you all God bless you all God bless you thank you




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