The Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI), joined by Presidents of various chambers including Dimapur Chamber of Commerce & Industry (DCCI), Peren District Chamber of Commerce & Industry (PDCCI), Niuland Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NCCI), and Chumukedima Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI), convened a press conference at Niathu Resort, Chumukedima on March 4. The focus was on addressing concerns regarding the Public Distribution System (PDS) of rice. Chairman of CNCCI Dr. Khekugha Murru, highlighted the demands put forth by CNCCI and sixteen district Chamber of Commerce and Industry representatives to the Government. They emphasized the lack of transparency in reaching out to the public despite numerous schemes being available. The CNCCI and its counterparts appealed to the Government to address this issue promptly.


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Uh today we have called this press conference uh specifically in respect to the PDS public distribution system which we have issued and which have raised through public uh uh platform uh in this respect we have called this press conference uh we have raised this issue after a few correspondence with the government the

Department through offic writings and also after going through all the wonderful jobs that our media Community has done in respect to the PDS uh uh schemes that has been often come which has often come out over the last few years in the both in the uh the the TV

Channels as well as in the uh print and print media so taking cognizance of those uh happenings as well as we were the CNC with 16 District Chambers as an apex body we are also answerable to our district Chambers and the issue was fled flaged to cncc by the various District

Chambers so we started uh a small little bit of uh inquiry about uh all this uh all these uh allegations or questions that has been put forth to cnci now we have put up certain uh demands to the government to be very specific that we have said that uh

Despite the fact that uh there are many schemes which are available for the public the poor section of the people why are they not being transparently being given out to the reaching out to the public now here I want to make it very clear that the question arises if it is for

The poor section of people the public why the business Community is taking up this issue let me be very clear here we have given it a very clear that the the issue here is when as I have already yes we have made it clear you know the agriculture produce of nagaland has not

Gone up so much to sustain the population increase where else the import of rice should be increasing because to sustain the population but that has not increased in fact it has come down some of my district Chambers will highlight more on that now the question is when

You are not producing your population is growing you are not importing where does do those rice comes from very simple question and the logic is also answer is also with all of you as simple as that therefore and when we see look into the market scenario now somebody importing a rice becomes

Difficult to sustain his business because it has always almost created a monopolistic uh system where only few meal owners or repackaging owners are getting getting the opportunity to buy those uh rice which appears magically you know in nagaland but not all the business Community or all the rice dealers or

Distributors or retailers are getting that kind of opportunity though now the entire business Community dealing with rice is at the mercy of few individuals and therefore CNC Say by principle by our principle we are against Syndicate we are against Monopoly and therefore we have written to the state government and

Not state government the department of food supply that these things has to be streamlined now the issue here is the government of the state has to clearly understand that this is not against them the food and civil Supply department has to clearly understand that this is not

Against them but down the land down the land something is wrong and therefore it is an opportunity for both the state government and the department of foods and civil Supply to streamline the delivery of this poor men’s rise so that our at the end of the day

Government is there for the public the department is there for the public so all of us once C and C has taken up this issue there is an opportunity for them to come in together and let’s streamline this and let the benefit go to the poest

Of poor who for whom these rights are meant for I from dcci ofair business community of Commerce specially RS monly it may be around 40 50 60 wons be to p rket now it has drastically come down to 10 15 wans per month whereas it was way back it was around 60 to

70 that is one point that’s why dep we don’t know from where it comes and that is none of our business also we are not a detective so that is not our business that is mean for below prty of the whereas we allas have to take that advantage of beneficiaries but we are

Not getting people are not getting Market a free of India 33 rupes retail price some TV channel has already interview uh uh Department Department which I have come across department they have agreed that this is PS rever May respons depart who is responsible for that business ter it affect the business community so

Actually this chamber of commerce is mainly for the of with this rise public distribution system to PDS to mean for the forest of the PO Government to take up this issue seriously and at the earliest because we don’t want to suffer anymore we have to think for the poor people cancellation we will pursue all means to pursue this matter logical conclusion I cannot assure you because I’m not the court I’m not the CBI

Investiga investigating a agency but within our reach we’ll explore all means that includes writing to the ministry that includes writing to the uh investigating agencies both in the state as well as Center because this is a central scheme and I feel we have an uh

We have some kind of Liberty to write to them to independently investigate through FCI govern and if need it be we can further pursue through again other legal means it’s not that press releas we have let Media consum it so that’s the end of the story but we have a we

Have few steps that we have met and we’ll be pursuing it according to the according step by step so the first step is we have immediately called them to cancel the PHH tendering which is supposed to be held on S and then the simultaneous tendering system has to be done

Number two is October 22 department has said that transpor which means technically and simp logically it says that FCS department so where is that rise the department furnished that stating again return dep we have not got that answer yet and therefore with those few few things we

Want to put across to the state government as well as the department we are not against them we are planning we are looking forward to work together to streamline so that at the end of the day the business Community is not affected our poor people gets benefit out of what it is intended

For we don’t interfere there that is Outlook of the government Department regarding October 2022 R to all the Transporters have deposit the money because those days transp mean department has to clar that black for andly Department department and through Department Supply they will deposit that very money to F

Account transaction to it goes like that so department has toy that let me just come in here once uh for us the concern is destroying our Market establishing almost a monopolistic kind of system now we are very concerned about that no doubt we are also concern about our public

Concern to now the entire State machineries be fair price sh government department off official manipulated so we don’t care about that the what we care about is how does the rice appears in nagaland despite there’s no production hardly any production there’s no the the import has

Gone down the population has gone up uh I I said I said before I have stood witness to the court myself you know but there are limitations CNC there are certain limits which we can do and we hope and pray that the Naga Council skers join us

So that this is streamline I have said uh we have not escalated the issue Beyond Department as of now but we are hoping there will Good Sense prevails otherwise we’ll escalate to next step and if it doesn’t go then maybe maybe we’ll get our future will escalate

Further tomorrow we are going to meet uh ggp so yeah the after that what will come let’s see our nagaland TV managa AAS watch us live on go TV and on your television sets as well for dapu viewers we are on channel number 994 in global chapter and kohima

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