How does confederation even work



Taken from the Alarielle 1k sub special

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No one wants to Confederate oh it’s because everybody’s stronger than me I guess or not but I’m not stronger enough more than them it was a really terrible sentence why is it minus eight now I wonder why it says diplomatic treaty minus 10 minus 35 why why is the

Baseline evaluation minus 18 now I don’t understand what makes a baseline evaluation I just want a confederated tane man if I can get Tyrion I’ll be happy wait now I’m way stronger than a tane and they still won’t do it that’s so weird do I have to be weaker than

Attained doesn’t make any sense but minus 7.9 now okay so they do like it when I’m weaker they won’t Confederate and I don’t know why a bunch of jerks tyrion’s so picky threatening ml Confederate for sure then I don’t think that’s the case minus five oh they’re so

Close hey we should Confederate or else oh it worked good job team we did it okay you know what that’s actually the best possible end I’m gonna call it there



  1. Best way to confederate is get a military alliance as soon as you can, then just force them into as many wars as possible. You can get a free military alliance, or make them join wars by giving them a settlement or two, and at that point you just force them into the worst position possible, and they confederate. Getting the confederations as Imrik Is honestly the hardest of any high elves, but by doing that, I had all of them by like turn 60

  2. The way confederations work atm is by not letting the faction you want to confed expand for a certain amount of time. This is essentially what affects the 'baseline evaluation' factor, where it'll be at a maximum the turn they gain a new settlement, and then tend towards 0 the longer they haven't gained a settlement for. Then there's some other nuances too but no where near as significant, such as relevant faction strength and also getting them to join a bunch of wars will also increase their willingness to confederate if you're like a couple points away. Hope that makes sense


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