Federacja Policji oskarżona przez byłego przewodniczącego o „systematyczne znęcanie się” – ekskluzywny raport



The Police Federation was set up to defend the pay and working conditions of rank-and-file officers in England and Wales – a bit like a trade union, but one that cannot go on strike.


Channel 4 News can reveal that one serving officer has urged the Home Secretary to launch a public inquiry into the Police Federation, alleging that it is riven by 'bitter infighting’ and 'systemic bullying’.

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If we were to rip the police Federation down and start again would it look like it does today I don’t think it would you can see how much PC Lee broadbent’s job means to him you also know how infrequently serving police officers give on camera interviews the thing is

If Lee gets professional backlash for speaking out he can’t exactly turn to his staff Association the police Federation of England and Wales because he says it particular Ally at senior levels is the problem it’s always been known as a bit of a toothless Tiger but certainly now I don’t think it is a

Credible voice I think there’s bitter infighting there’s evidence of systemic bullying there’s evidence of systemic poor Behavior at the highest levels and I think that undermines the Federation nationally here’s the backstory Lee and almost 10,000 other police officers took the Federation to an employment tribunal about its response to a new police

Pension scheme that the government introduced in 2015 the way that scheme worked meant that younger officers would be thousands of pounds worse off in retirement they said that was age discrimination now the Federation the closest thing that officers have to a union remember back the government instead of their

Own in 2021 when Lee became Federation chair for greater Manchester police he says he wasn’t welcomed because of the tribunal I was seen as the Enemy Within and so the behaviors and the treatment tended to be very distant I felt like I was isolated I felt like people were

Withholding workstream from me and I didn’t feel like I would it was able um to represent the membership views internally which must have been really hard for you to deal with it was incredibly difficult a very stressful period of My Life um I had to

I I ended up um taking sick leave in October um due to the amount of stress and pressure unfortunately I felt like I was bullied out of a role that I was good at the tribunal delivered its damning findings last year it found the police Federation had discriminated

Against and victimized officers that it used misleading and manipulative information to try to dissuade officers from bringing the case that it was motivated by personal animus it said the organization had Allied itself with the government over its own members in interests it’s not the first time the Federation has come under

Scrutiny I do not want to have to impose change on you because I want you to show the public that you want to change in 2014 then Home Secretary Theresa May slammed the organization if you do not change of your own accord we will impose change on you her words were prompted by

The normington review led by civil servant sir David normington which made 36 recommendations normington excoriated the Federation calling for changes in its finances and culture it said the organization had an enormous distance to travel to promote equality internally and protect and support minority groups within forces May said the recommendations had to be

Implemented the question is 10 years on what’s changed that’s where Lee’s story comes back in today he hit the send button on a letter to the top calling for an external and independent inquiry into the police Federation of England and Wales following its failed attempts to fully Implement reform recommendations

Set out in the 2014 normington review since baroness Casey’s review into standards of behavior within the Metropolitan Police Service which she found to be Institute U Al racist misogynistic and homophobic one particular phrase has taken Center Stage we hear so much about culture change within policing what is the Police

Federation’s role in contributing to that change this is an organization of middle-aged white men um and sometimes when middle-aged white men have power they want to keep hold of that power this is an organization that needs to grow as as policing grows you only have to look at the prolifer ation of other

Support networks the lgbtq policing support networks the black police officer Association these organizations wouldn’t necessarily exist or feel the need to exist if their members felt the PFW represented them Lee a lot of people watching this will look at you and see that you are a white man and that you

Are sat here and speaking up on behalf of other marginalized communities and we’ll find that very refreshing why are you doing that I represent fairness I just I all it’s been drilled into me ever since we’re at school you know everybody is equal um Everybody deserves a fair opportunity um and it’s it’s

Inbuilt in I join the police to try and make a difference to represent people in the community and stand up for people that could necessarily stand up for themselves in a statement the new CEO of the police Federation Mund Krishna told us the organization has started a major transformation program and commissioned

An independent review which aims to learn lessons from the pensions case and instigate changes aimed to improve the federation’s structure processes and governance adding finally we’re committed to rebuilding a federation fit for the future Lee’s lawyers office sits directly opposite the headquarters of Greater Manchester police police

Officers need to have trust in an organization that is going to represent uh their views to the to the government without that trust I think you know any any reform of policing is is on a catastrophic journey and this has not been an easy Journey for Lee there’s

Always this this sord of damle hanging over my head as to say if I get into trouble or if somebody puts in a complaint against me who do I turn to for representation whilst he is one of thousands with similar grievances the risk feels personal



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