In this video titledEU4 A to Z – I FORMED THE LATIN EMPIRE As Naxos I play as Naxos in Europa Universalis 4 1.35 Domination. This is the series titled A to Z where I attempt to play every* nation in EU4 in alphabetical order. Of course I had to remove some nations so the challenge doesn’t get too boring. In this video I play as the nation of Naxos and I attempt to form The Latin Empire. So, let’s see if I managed to do it! I hope you guys enjoy this series. If you enjoyed this video consider leaving a like and subscribing for more content in the future.

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Yeah man you know beating up the Ottomans look what it does to a man hi everyone and welcome to today’s video where we’re going to be continuing the A to Z challenge the challenge we player Nation new4 1444 with unique National ideas and alphabetical order and this week ladies and gentlemen we’re back

With what some people think is an impossible start as the nation of noxos noxos is a nation located in the agnc right here we start off on this archipelago right here and we do start off as a vassel of Venice as well we’re a regular duy with Duke jaumo II crispy

Right here who’s a 132 not very good and naxian ideas I actually don’t know them but I do think they focus on Naval stuff so let’s take a look at them right now we start off with plus four tolerance of Heretics and minus 25% cost of fabricated claims then we finish off

With minus 15% Diplo anx cost and in the meantime we have a plus 20% Naval Force SL and plus 10% gy combat ability really strong double idea minus 20% morale hit when losing a ship actually very underrated plus 10% embargo efficiency and plus 25% private tier efficiency you

Army tradition plus 0.5 min-1 National wus 5 Tech cost and – 10% CCR which makes naxian ideas decent if you ask me of course even though we start off in the region of Greece right here and even though our province is orthodox and Greek culture we actually start off with

The Lombard culture I think and Catholic as well because we’re a Remnant Crusader State just like the nations of uh well roads Athens epas and Cyprus as well I think but what do we do as nexos well and one commenter pointed out and I can’t be bothered to check if this is

Actually true noxos is actually the final nation in ad Z that has the ability to form the Latin Empire and even though that’s not what I wanted to do I actually wanted to go back and Conquer Italy and you know our home land of Lumbard culture right here of course

Since it’s the last Nation probably that can form the Latin Empire that’s exactly what we’re going to be doing I’ve never formed the Latin Empire breaking Fe from bis is going to be hard judging by the fact that I can’t get the game started as scor fu maybe it’ll be slightly

Easier than Corfu I don’t know we’ll break you from Venice expand where fight the Ottomans when and um yeah boys this is the toughest one we’ve had in a while so let’s jump in as noxos and try and form the Latin Empire all right all

Right here we are as noxos and of course like I said our province is a Greek culture right here and we are Orthodox but actually our ruler right here is a Venetian Venetian not Lombard sorry or wait yeah Venetian culture not Lombard my bad and we are Catholic okay let’s

Take a look at this venice’s Rivals are hungry the pope and uh the Ottomans all three of those guys technically border Venice so all three of those guys could technically help us out as well maybe Milan too we’ll see what’s up with that later but uh in the meantime we start

Off as a regular feudal nobility no Crusader State thingies just yet not until we actually formed the Latin Empire by taking this mission right here so uh yeah let’s try and accomplish some of these missions let me get the estate set up in order and um you know we don’t

Have a truce with with Venice we should be able to declare uh as soon as we get support okay so a month has sted by I’m improving with Aragon for now started building up my Army hired a dipl guy and Hungary and the pope will support us

Immediately so I will get Hungary and the pope to support me immediately but uh I think we should try and look for someone else over here as well so I’m going to try and prove with uh let’s see right here oh Milan will support us as well uh Aragon what about Aragon let’s

See right here Aragon actually doesn’t like me that much they don’t hate Venice yeah so let’s get Milan and I’ll try and see if I can get the mams in Serbia but if not I’ll I’ll declare with the Pope Milan and Venice usually doesn’t get strong allies yeah it’s just Sienna

Right here so uh yeah let’s improve a little bit more H Milan has a choose with Venice until this yeah just one year no big deal yeah I wonder if we can get the Ottomans here man okay so a little more time has passed I did get

Milan once the truce expired and I also managed to get Albania I don’t think we can get anyone else I improved with ruza and the m to the Max and they still uh don’t like me so this should be enough I think uh Albania Hungary Milan the Pope

The Croatia and the Pope’s vassals will come in as well we do have Superior numbers man of course we can’t beat venice’s Fleet I don’t know if I’m actually going to be able to occupy anything down here uh the Ottomans already declared on Bay let’s hope they

Don’t full Annex them so uh yeah let me just send a screenful insult to Venice right here so we don’t have good relations and I think I’ll declare yeah got the free company up what else is left to do pretty much nothing there we go there’s the independence uh we can

Take a mission immediately sway the pope Perma claims on this right here two provinces that venzon is actually pretty nice oh sweet I did manage to cross nice okay okay so war is war is going pretty good man um Albania oh no I’m their only Ally they’re guaranteed with Venice

Stopped cuz you know they’re fighting them but uh yeah peace out Sienna peace out silly this is where we’re at right now I am going to have toine this this sucks so much but uh yeah I think I’m pretty ready to PE out here soon okay

War here is pretty much done now uh I have occupation of this this and uh this so we got to be careful here man cuz I want to keep these alliances I don’t want the Ottomans declaring on me obviously you know they want my land so first obviously we’re getting Grand

Independence and then if I take this Milan and the pope are mad but Hungary isn’t interestingly okay so I can take creit as well I can take coru I can take kataro here Hungary still isn’t mad excellent cuz they’re landlocked Pope is mad maybe I can give Rena to the pope it

Is their core okay now they’re not that mad and maybe I can give this to Milan now they’re happy actually they won’t accept that they’ll accept this and can I get Wars too I can’t get Wars okay let’s wait a little bit more so I can do

This beig steal okay now that accepts so I’ll get this right here uh I can with this most importantly fight Serbia Bosnia here so right here expand elsewhere give this to the Pope give this to Milan and Wars Perfect all right that’s that we’re done now coru right

Here can I release anyone cre coru monegro uh you know what I’ll actually release coru right here just so this becomes a level three Fort Maybe bait the Ottomans to do something there uh and now I’ll actually go there okay let’s build up our Navy a little bit of

Course it says I’m going to go bankrupt obviously I’m not loans are bigger right now so yeah let’s try and find some other big allies and uh spy on Serbia try and get that gold mine all right got the dipl thingy from the pope and after

Realy marrying Aragon I can Ally them as well and then this is very fun right here we can take Maritime allies and uh Aragon just gave Malta to us so a little more expansion is always welcome meanwhile spying on Serbia Let’s uh let’s spy on heroina as well what I

Really want to try and get later is an alliance with Austria and Poland man cuz I got to fight the Ottomans and I ain’t doing it by myself but that’s what’s up meanwhile Aragon has once again lost a FRS these provinces just like in my Navara game weird and by the way

Obviously we are staying uh Venetian and Catholic right uh now everything we’re going to conquer is orthodox here but it’s not giving me religious disunity because of the plus four tolerance of Heretics right yeah I guess TI two govern form time obviously strengthen Noble privileges ah Venice warned me but

Okay that’s valid for this it’s not valid for Shia though sweet wait Hungary will probably break my alliance no no they don’t actually want Serbia okay so I shouldn’t take Bosnia in this war oh this is sick this is sick yes yes yes yes yes yes yes so important so

Important ottomans are pretty aggressive this campaign especially this way obviously cuz I’m playing next to them I really got to declare on Serbia here very soon it’s just I’m not ready right even though loans are huge now and I just got new burger loans yeah what’s my

First limit man not over first limit actually what about tech what about I am over Bosnia I’ll declare as soon as I core Frick the Ottomans did declare uh okay I got to do it immediately then uh no wait uh merge uh you go there you go there ottoman’s pieced out I occupied

This they occupied this that’s all they took obviously the a is out a lot quicker now when they know they can’t get anything else Hungary still desires Bosnia yeah man I don’t think I can take this frak it will be so good for us to vassalize them yeah what I’m going to do

Here is simply full anx actually no let me separate piece Bosnia since I’m not taking anything from them there we go War UPS money and now I’m just going to fanex Serbia that’s that sweet at least we got the gold mine and U no way ottomans are declaring on us with this

Alliance Network ah hungry broke their Lance with me either way should have just taken Bosnia man uh the good thing is though lisl’s postumus is in charge and uh the the Austrian guy as well so as soon as this guy dies I think Austria will get hungry as a junior partner

Which is great for me I I do want that to happen I do want Austria to be strong let’s hope they get Bohemia as well meanwhile no no oh wait if I improve with Poland a little bit Wait no that’s my zovia actually uh while I’m dealing with Rebels or actually while the

Ottomans are dealing with my Rebels uh let’s uh let’s develop noxos up a little bit huh help speed up the spawning of the Renaissance super low on admin points by the way cuz I did stab up and stuff like that so yeah let’s just use dip and Mill I really don’t know where

To expand right now ah no one would help versus the Ottomans I don’t know why I’m even checking that but Naples perhaps sure and by the way we need to own something like this right here to form the Latin Empire right first we need to do a foothold in Greece and then these

Are all the things we need to own so all provinces in northern Greece Macedonia th uh Huda vendar yeah so the highlighted ones over here okay so this right here cool that’s not that uh not doable honestly you guys pretty good yeah and the ottomans are

Like super aggr man I’m not even going to lie embrace the Renaissance and there’s the gold mine deved up to 10 as well lowered autonomy cash really isn’t going to be a problem anymore awesome expansion is though yeah I got to fight I said I said it out loud I said I want

To fight Naples now they got 58 allies AIA would help dude what the freck why are they so weak I can finally do this Mission gy Combat ability nice uh there’s an alliance with Castile this is pretty good they’re also I like to Asia and later if they get Aragon I think

They’ll be strong enough to rival the Ottomans which could mean that they would help out interestingly uh Portugal and casil aren’t Allied man okay so I think think I’m uh ready to declare on Naples here ah they’re milte five Aragon is five who else is going to come in

Milan Milan is five yeah I should be getting it not that okay either way I’ll declare on on Naples for salento calling Aragon and Milan we don’t outnumber them by twoo much but uh yeah I’m also going to take stuff from maruza here which is super nice uh there’s uh there’s Austria

Getting hungry perfect I’m going to separate p is a really that high it’s not even that high whatever I’m going to separate pie ruza uh progress on this front I can Royal mry Poland and I’ll be able to Ally them too nice thanks Austria we’re done with Naples too

Unfortunately Aragon occupied the best Province obviously they have interests right there as well so what I’m going to do is just take this right here yeah that should be about enough for now let’s actually humilate them too and get War ups and uh I think I’ll fight them

Later if I have the opportunity what are the Ottomans doing man either way there’s an alliance with Poland okay if I can drag in Austria with Hungary and Poland with malavia Prussia and Lithuania will be able to easily take on the Ottomans uh when they go and fight

Like the mamlock or someone yeah they’d all join it’s just this Venice warning is so stupid first idea group time we’re good with uh Diplo relations we’re good with making money so obviously uh that leaves only M idea groups let’s go quality since uh you know we do have

Naval ideas International ideas and these will help out a lot as well yo this is sick Aragon and Castile would join too okay let’s say Poland would come in that’s we outnumber them by so much I think I’m going to deare even if they’re not fighting anyone down here

Right uh when venice’s warning expires in March 1475 hey let’s chill until then then you know what I am going to start my Golden Era now why not just took this as well helping Milan fight Genoa to three go form time I’m going to go with expander R Court okay venice’s warning

On me has expired and everyone would still join so a Tunis Castile and Aragon I guess will’ll piece out Tunis here that shouldn’t be too difficult and then the Ottomans Got 51k miltech 5 let’s take a look at everyone else’s milx okay Austria and Hungary are actually ahead

Po and Lithuania are matching Castile and Aragon are also ahead okay this isn’t looking bad at all h of course I’ll be the first to take the hit here since I bordered the Ottomans but uh if I put my boats in the AG and see we should be able to protect from them

Crossing onto noxos so yeah let’s uh let’s go ahead and declare on the Ottomans for the conquest of uh let’s see Athens for example since I will be taking stuff down here calling Poland along with Lithuania and the dukal Russia call in Austria along with Hungary col in Aragon and Colin Castile

Yeah yeah we’re going to win this easily wow my Navy actually lost I didn’t expect that war is going great we’re occupying quite a lot Iberian wedding also happened at the same time and Austria uh Castile actually chose to stay uh chose to not get Aragon doesn’t

Really matter since I’m Allied to both of them though yeah very easy War so far my allies are defeating the Ottomans in battles up here well this is just Naval battles but uh yeah they just got some dubs up here the Ottomans were focusing on this region meanwhile I’m staying

Back to beat them up over here but yeah they outnumber me a little bit either way it’s going to take a while but it’s going to be easy just pieced out Tunis as well and I think we’ll be able to get a hassa soon cuz they’re losing to

Someone else yeah these guys really aren’t teching up in Mill cuz they want quality yeah they’re using their points for that nice just got a pop-up say that the mamlock are preparing to declare on the Ottomans which of course if you get that popup it always happens yep there it is

Sweet and we’re done that’s a 99% on the auto perfect okay so what I’m going to do right here is uh well this is occupied by the mam unfortunately but uh yeah let’s go ahead and take these provinces that we have claims on then I’m going to

Get War up since it is important uh and actually let me transfer this over back from my subject Corfu I was transferring it to them so they could pay for the forts there we go just like that and then what I think I want to do is go up

Like this so we can connect our land uh let’s go ahead and take this as well and how about something like this perfect so Southern Greece northern Greece and Macedonia along with the war reps not taking Constantinople just yet I know I will be doing it later and that’s a lot

Of aggressive expansion a lot of admin points and I’m not going to be releasing a Byzantium but I might actually release Bulgaria here we’ll see but uh that’s that we’re done easy these guys aren’t a problem anymore perfect yeah I think I will uh release uh Bulgaria there we go

Either way now we have the mission foothold in Greece which gives us further claims on these provinces and once I conquer these provinces right here then we’ll be able to uh form the Latin Empire I think I think we’ll need two Wars for this though without releasing Biz yeah two Wars all right

But now let’s relax we’ll see if we can fight Naples soon uh let’s give the Nobles strong dutchies as well since they have two vassals uh there we go and we can go ahead and lower for exhaustion a bit and then for the provinces up I

Don’t even have loans and I have 500 duckets in the bank dude that’s sick let’s get INB it and really start building oh yeah let’s build up our Navy too it got absolutely obliterated second idea group time you know we are sort of um well going to

Become a crusader state so why not go religious man Even though these Orthodox provinces aren’t giving me any penalties due to this amazing starting National idea why not lean into the whole Crusader State Thing by going a religious Francesco fors Forza okay Ms didn’t take too much from the Ottomans

They made them release Iden and then they took only these two provinces shame funny the ottomans are guaranteeing Venice I would fight Venice otherwise maybe like for these three provinces but uh yeah even though everyone would join at this would help me reset my troth with the Ottomans it’s just not worth it

Let’s just wait for uh this to expire in N yeah not that long in 6 years easy these guys actually have a really fun mission tree man it takes you to uh lots of different places honestly spying on idem right now they don’t have any allies and no one’s guaranteeing them so

Yeah uh we could potentially fight them and look this is how I’ve been getting money the whole game man pretty much it’s four from Wars and like nine from gold that’s like 13 duckets otherwise I’d be making like one and a half Ducket a month without the gold M and War up ah

So while I was spying on Iden they did manage to Ally the mams not going to fight them after all okay tier four G form Time Lanes for the church oh this is so tempting this is actually so tempting dude yeah we got to do it yo I

Wasn’t going to fight Naples since the truce with the Ottomans is up in 3 years but come on excommunicated ruler we got to take advantage of this just want to point out that Bohemia went HDE this campaign super easy War since I managed to call in Austria as well uh Pope

Occupy a bruty okay okay can we take all of this yeah that’s so cheap 41 a dude awesome let’s take all of their money as well and that’s that like I said I wasn’t going to fight them but hey we might have turned down an opportunity uh

Like that all right let’s chill a little bit and then we’ll fight the Ottomans again which ah of course they got harder to fight okay well peace out Bohemia easily but I don’t know how big the timas are I don’t think I can see them in The Ledger either since I don’t know

About them yeah can’t see them here H oh for now they wouldn’t even join so great let me also start annexing Corfu I did give the nobility integration policy they are pretty influential truce with the auto men is up this time C steel however wouldn’t join distant War maybe they’ll change

Their mind after I declare uh what do we do here what do we do let’s see IDs wouldn’t come in like this we can do a reconquest for like uh that right there call po Austria Aragon Milan yeah easy Tim Reds one join let’s do it it’s a

Reconquest right yeah it is and this time I did get Naval superiority super weak dip game from Castile this game man no colonies yet uh don’t have Portugal don’t have Aragon don’t have Naples no nothing and that’s 100% on the Ottomans let’s give Bulgaria all of their ques

Back that’s not a lot of AE at all and what I’ll do is uh ah I can’t take Constantinople all right let’s take Lesbos and this then since we do need it for a mission and I wonder if I can take Albania here let me transfer everything

Over to myself uh we’ll we’ll do thce later on I’m not I’m not really in a hurry at all these words are super easy let’s go ahead and take Albania as well and I need this too right yeah perfect and then this will be it for the final

War these few provinces left in Europe perfect that’s done nice now all we need is this we’ve just become a great power as well which is super nice and I think I should be able to become a kingdom pretty soon as well and the mamlock have just declared on them again this is

Great for me I am converting stuff now by the way Byzantium popped out and they’re guaranteed by well they were guaranteed by CU that’s who made the Ottomans pop him out but uh yeah why not hey wait how did bugaria lose this I swear I gave it to them let’s take a

Look at Province history occupied byg occupied by I guess I didn’t take it huh either way we’re done with Biz here that uh saves us a little Conquest in the ottoman War not that it really changes anything let’s Annex Bulgaria Bry by the way when the Virginia succession

Happened they chose to stay independent they don’t have their boys up here anymore but they have expanded like this and they’re still alive even though France declared a pu war on them I think I can finally become a kingdom there we go at least the golf cap is nice you

Know let’s go ahead and and state some stuff yeah looks like the Timor are pretty strong man good thing they didn’t join um you know in this now the Ottomans have no allies just Annex Bulgaria tier five govern form time do we have any unique ones no I just

Guessed the uh these you know semi unique Italian ones but uh that was Gallia ships I don’t even know what that is but uh Let’s do let’s do military let’s do this I’m going to allly the knights just cuz they’re raiding me all the time yeah I can finally see the Tims

At least a little bit they are pretty big oh no this is not good dude my the guy is 68 the Earth is 53 and now he dies I got to get this he’s zero just as I’m getting ready to declare on uh the Ottomans man my

Troops with them I was about to expire in like two months Milan called me into this which of course is going to be short but now Austria’s call me into this no no no they’re not Al like to MUSC yeah they rejected the C to Arms I

Guess that’s why they declared fine H we’ll have to wait for this for a little bit all these provinces all of a sudden they started giving me religious disunity I guess tolerance went way down yeah cuz of all these other modifiers I have okay now that those Wars are over

We can declare for the conquest of Constantinople call and Poland and their boys Austria and their boys Milan and the pope Venice is and this to I’ll probably take um some stuff defender of the faith why not that’s a WAP on religious to yeah man you know beating up the Ottomans look

What it does to a man they valed these guys pretty funny going to piece out Venice for datu right here this isn’t occupied by me so yeah and that’s a 100 % on the Ottomans let’s go ahead and peace out I’ll take uh this one Constantinople and these two don’t

Really want or care for anything else let’s let’s humiliate them because if this wasn’t humiliating enough already and let’s take as much money as we can and we’re done sweet let me cor this up and now that I’ve CED up Constantinople I can go ahead and take the mission the

Latin Empire where we gain a perac claim on Anatolia and the Balkans and this event happens boom there we go there’s the Latin Empire event Constantinople is ours our government rank changes to an Empire and we can become a crusader State tier one government form airs and rulers can be generals monastic order

Pretty much manire recovery speed and a permanent CB against neighboring heathens and Heretics or of course we can keep the same government rank basically uh you know be a monarchy but we just uh you know change to uh what you call it to an Empire and stuff like

That and uh not from the Latin Empire of course this is the gole for the challenge today constant no Laars and there we are the Latin Empire ah looks pretty good all right let’s take a look at the stuff for this country I’ve never actually played it before there we go

There’s the Crusader State tier one govern form which is uh is it a type of monarchy yeah we got an air it’s still the same guys in charge every other govern form is the same so uh that’s pretty dope right there let’s take a look at Latin ideas plus 5% discipline

Missionary strength versus sertic super strong a missionary uh one government thingy plus one government thingy and plus one 100% vassel Force limit contribution yearly people influence and curial Powers stab discount advisor discount G combat global trade power C combat cap to infantry all of these are like double ideas man really strong by

The way yeah pretty good National ideas for a religious Focus playthrough same Mission Tree by the way either way that about wraps up our challenge for today but yeah there you go man started off as noxos in this one Province right here a vassel of Venice as you all know and I

Did this first shot I didn’t even need to restart or anything which is kind of weird since I’ve been having so much trouble with Corfu I guess it’s different when uh you release yourself and stuff like that but uh yeah this was super easy pretty straightforward got a

Bunch of guys to support my Independence the pope Albania uh Milan Hungary got all of these Amazing Allies stayed allied with all of them throughout the entirety of the campaign except for Hungary which of course broke their allance with me but doesn’t matter because Austria got them in the end and

After that it was uh you know lucky expansion because I did manage to grab this province from Venice after that we expanded into you know this region got the gold mine really helped fund our Conquest expanded over here a little bit in Italy a little bit and after getting

A bunch of strong allies we were finally able to declare on the Ottomans even while they weren’t fighting anyone else for easy first war honestly easy second war as well released Bulgaria got their cores back it didn’t release bz and uh then in this third and final war we got

These two provinces which is uh pretty much everything I needed in order to form the Latin Empire a very fun a very straightforward campaign struggle with cash a bit in the early game but look at this now man it’s not even that much from gold making very nice income went

Quality religious which I do think is pretty fitting for a playthrough like this did some missions of course these other ones focus on province is here which of course I wasn’t really too interested in there we go we can actually build uh you know some monuments as well the Palace of certa

Let’s do the paron actually uh stated mostly everything I don’t have the anmin points to full State this right here uh as we can uh see but uh you know accepted serban accepted Neapolitan did a lot of converting I think I converted probably most of the stuff that I

Conquered we just have a couple of provinces left right here and constant and ople of course and yeah buildt some buildings you know some marketplaces some workshops some Churches never really focused on this too much since we had uh income from other sources pretty strong Army pretty good Navy as well and

A very very fun campaign and I definitely do recommend that you guys go for the Latin Empire as well and uh honestly noxos might be one of the easier starts for uh doing it if I’m being honest uh Athens and noxos are probably the easiest one to do it as uh

I don’t know who else can do it but ladies and gentlemen boys and girls I’m happy to say that this campaign as noxos in ad Z has been a success and that has been noxos in a Z let me know in the comments below what I should do with

This nation next week if you enjoyed this video don’t hesitate to leave a like it really helps out a lot and if you like the content and want to see more videos like this make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don’t miss

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