Drugi dzień protestu handlarzy rybami w St. John’s



Officers with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary in riot gear guarded the doors to Confederation Building, the seat of the provincial government in St. John’s, to enforce a court-ordered injunction that prohibits protesters from blocking safe access. 

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Tensions are once again High outside the legislature in St John’s fish Harvesters in the province are protesting for a second day and they continue to demand the government allow them to sell their catch out of Province the protest that we showed you as they were going on live

Uh yesterday stopped the government from tabling its budget that looks to go ahead today Terry Roberts brought us that extraordinary live reporting yesterday he’s back in that same position outside the Confederate ation building Terry just uh why don’t we start together we’re going to be following this all through our program

Obviously but what is the scene today and what has been happening yeah Heather good morning well uh look it’s much the in a lot of ways it’s the same as yesterday we have hundreds of seafood Harvesters and their supporters they arrived here in the in darkness this morning before 6:00 a.m.

And they uh they spread it all around Confederation building blocking entrances to the seat of government here in St John new land but what’s different about this morning well two things first is the police posture uh you it’s it’s a much more militant uh police force here

This morning there are dozens of uh police Royal Newan and stabul officers dressed in full riot gear you know the the shields uh uh the heavily protective uh helmets those kind of things they weren’t here yesterday and secondly there’s a court injunction right now so

I was uh here this morning when uh two senior police officers handed uh personally handed that court injunction to the protest leaders John eort Jr and Union Leader Jason spingle so that’s what’s different about today there’s a court injunction here and basically spelling out the dos and don’ts for

These protesters here today basically uh they cannot hinder in any way uh free and open access to Confederation building here today there was you know the the premier said yesterday you know that he doesn’t want to see hundreds of arrests and it looks to me that the RNC

Are prepared to make some arrests here today if there is any uh any anyone impedes access to this building and the true test of that injunction is coming in about uh 30 minutes less than 30 minutes now that’s when the first public servants start showing up here today and

They try to gain access to this building you’re seeing here behind me so big questions here will these Harvesters will these angry Seafood Harvesters allow access to Federation building well their protest leader John effort he was on the steps earlier this morning and speaking to those protesters and he was pleading

Much like he did yesterday for peaceful demonstration he was pleading for people to respect the injunction and he doesn’t want any arrests here today he doesn’t want any more violence he doesn’t want he says he doesn’t want these Harvesters to give anyone any reason to say that

They’re an angry mob so uh that true test though is coming up uh in in about uh 30 minutes 30 minutes as you say and Terry will be back to you I I just want to acknowledge what seems to be happening there I’m watching you Terry and I’m watching you watch the people

Around you and your surroundings from what I understand it’s pretty tense this morning not necessarily happy with the reporting of this story and reporter’s presence can you just give us a little bit of a sense of of the climate because it seems to have changed from when we were talking

Yesterday yes it has it was a little bit of it yesterday but here’s the situation there are no politicians here for these angry protesters the vent their frustrations at there are no they’re no uh crab plant owners the uh you know the big powerful uh processors they’re not

Here for these people to vent their frustrations at uh but the media is here so uh you know we’ve certainly become a Target uh you know we hear constant uh sniping uh you know not telling the truth not telling the facts of the story um you know funded by the Liberals that

Kind of especially the CBC I’m here with a CBC jacket uh lots of CBC attire so that’s an invitation and I actually had uh you know one person make contact with me here this morning with my shoulder so it’s a it’s a tense situation that’s uh you know um

Uh a little bit uncomfortable but we’re here to try and tell uh an important story because this is an important story Heather this is this industry is the backbone of New Finland Labrador it’s why we’re here in this province so we have to tell this story and these these

Harvesters are upset they they believe that they’re not being treated fairly they want free enterprise they want to be able ble to sell their catch uh who who they want to sell it to they want to have more flexibility in their Enterprises because they’re being squeezed because the market is pretty

Tough right now for the price they’re getting for that product so uh you know these are desperate times for a lot of people and sometimes that can lead to uh a behavior that you normally uh wouldn’t see so we’re crossing our fingers here now that this injunction is respected

Here today and that we don’t see the same unrest that we saw yesterday that we don’t see injuries like we saw yesterday yesterday one of these Harvesters uh we’re told broke a hip yesterday this is a man who makes his living on the sea and now he has a

Serious injury uh we saw yesterday an our a royal Newan constabulary officer being taken away from here in uh a stretcher so uh um the leaders of this protest they don’t want to see that today but again time will tell now we’re looking at those pictures as you

Referenced them Terry and again as you mentioned a change in tone um and uh I’m concerned for your well-being as you mentioned that physical contact so please obviously keep that first and foremost for you just before I let you go and obviously we’ll stay in close

Touch you say the test coming up in about 30 minutes does it look today like the budget is going to be able to go ahead well again that’s that’s the that’s the big question uh we’re going to the media we’re going to receive an email shortly I’m told about uh you know

We’re supposed to go in for a budget lockup at around 9:00 when we receive an early uh copy of the budget so we’ll know that uh pretty soon what what uh you know will we get that correspondence from government uh but I have been hearing talk that a lot of uh government

Workers were told last night uh to work from home today you know if you’re not part of the budget process stay home and do your work from home not to uh you know because thousands of people work in this complex so that’s probably a good move so uh but the premier said

Yesterday he wants to deliver this budget today there’s 530,000 people in this province uh it’s a 10 billion dollar budget it affects a lot of people not just the fishery he wants to go ahead with with this process today it was delayed yesterday historically I don’t know if we’ve ever had a situation

Like we had yesterday so but again uh time will tell there is some anger in this uh crowd they are respecting the injunction they’re keeping a distance from the police officers but I have heard some words uh you know taunting that kind of thing so um there is

Tension here and where that goes in the next 30 to 40 minutes remains to be seen Heather



  1. Disgusting !! The whole thing ! Can’t sell fish ?!?!?! Those law enforcements are definitively bias ,if they had a Palestinian flags they would let them do whatever ! We are fighting to keep this country alive !! Liberals are here to completely take away our basic rights and freedoms ! Now fishermen can’t earn a living cause we buy fish from. China !!!! Just disgusting the way real Canadian citizens are being treated !! Just outrages and lots of anger !! No surprise Trudeau !!!

  2. She asks him like …"can't you just say theres some violence or lean into it just a bit just a little claim of threat or can you project or confirm you feel like your in possible danger please….just for our listeners" wow CBC, you're sooo fund filtered. gross your bias is showing again…….


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