Civ 6 | Is This One Of The Most Impactful Great People In Civ?? – (#3 Deity Georgia Civilization VI)



In this game of Civ 6, we’ll be playing as Tamar’s Georgia, and the objective today is to try and beat Deity Civilization 6 without using a single builder.

That’s right – we can’t produce, buy, capture or acquire a builder in any way. Improvements, strategics, luxuries… they all sound good right? Wrong – we can’t get them at all!

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00:00 – To Keep An Admiral Or To Get A Luxury…
04:16 – Silvertown!
08:03 – On These Walls, We Shall Build An Empire
11:52 – Is This One Of The Best Great People In The Game?
15:59 – Chop The Encampment!
20:03 – Maya No More
23:53 – I’m Feeling Rather Emasculated Here Wilfred
26:53 – Votey McVoteFace

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You know I actually have access to a lot of these different luxuries that my Admiral could get so I’m going to keep the Admiral around for now until I can upgrade to frigs I think that’s where I will find the most use again you think you’re being so clever safe in this

Neutral territory oh no I literally again bought the tile from under you and now you are tribute that’s another Apostle taken you know I think I’m going to take the Science Now rather than waiting for a bigger amount later so I’m going to get the plus six science it’s really

Tempting to hold out for something bigger but I don’t want to wait that long okay there’s apprenticeship we are almost now at mass production and shipyards shipyards are going to be such a big addition for me oh the apostles are trapping down my Guru that’s not

Very fun okay I might need to do something about that that’s a good holy sight there look at that yeah big numbers perfect minus three no that’ll be fine especially because I’ve bought Victor for this very reason get into that City make it safe throw up the

Walls it’ll be a beautiful place place a lovely place I’ll spread a missionary round I’ll spread my religion to Persia a little bit and this is now wonderful little staging post for us I just need to unlock the secrets of cartography I’m going to just do that quickly so that my

Units can move across oceans my boats can already do it but my trets can’t and it’s really annoying I you know what I will take the dip playay favor I’m not going to settle near you anymore that was my last settler oh hello where did

You come from oh my goodness that was a big one oh and look I’m flooded again yay well I finished my unique build bu at least I did that what just broke oh was a market okay that’s fine trade routs already out not a problem what

Happened here oh my Lord look at that 148 strength oh my Lord Arabian Apostles are ridiculous this is my debater and I can barely touch it all right we need to go into full Retreat mode here full Retreat mode there’s another Apostle there lovely all right yeah full Retreat

Full Retreat until we can get to Sea and I’ll build another holy site and we’ll just reinforce my units but that is nasty R time Industries was quite fun but I’m going to change it up again now it’s time to feudal contract that means I can build my unique units really

Quickly they only take 10 iron which is good because I don’t have much iron in fact there is my thir they’re like regular Mana arms but they’re very strong on hills and there is chetti which hopefully is going to give me huge Faith per turn on some of my trade routs

Now there’s seven faith on this route that I see nine on this one eight on this one six on that one eight on that one yeah okay good this is the faith of per turn that I need to take on Arabia’s religion I need Reformed Church I need

To unlock religious orders very quickly oh hello that Apostle just slammed into my Guru randomly there let’s let’s leave this alone thank you oh there’s so much I still need Siege Towers caraval shipyards frigs yeah there’s a lot of spare Tech that needs to be put through

But I’m making troops very quickly now got missionaries just scouting into Persian land just to have a a quick peek and see what’s going on got a lot of army just sort of lurking just rejigging a little bit scripture is good for me but I’m going to take trade

Confederation now 10 science and culture per turn from my trade Roots is a big deal and religious orders will help me to just keep alive a little bit longer I tell you what an ironclad would be amazing yeah let’s pick you up that’s that’s an awesome purchase okay an

Ironclad and a free Governor as well go having all this gold is really handy I’m going to go for warlord’s throne audience chamber was tempting because I really don’t have much housing in this Empire but I think the production that I could get from it is huge all the whilst

I mean Arabia you’re not as strong as you used to be now because I have plus five combat strength against you and an ever expanding Fleet of the poles all filled with promotions I haven’t even upgraded my religion yet not even done it a lot of my cities at the moment are

Just wasting time I say wasting time not really wasting time on my unique buildings and walls but I need it I need all of that bonus faith and di play favor they’re basically my only win conditions at the moment until we get a bit of a domination on which I think I

Could I think I could it’s just proving a little bit tough a Arabia is my iron supplier at the moment doesn’t cost much but I do have to just keep dribbling it in turn by turn which is a bit annoying oh another city I forgot I was doing

That potty he you know I’m not even going to rename that one that one makes me smile well Cyrus has very kindly popped a Satler into the sea so we’re going to go to my military ally and say hey would you like a join war you most

Certainly would that means I have plus five combat strength against Persia but don’t worry it’s going to get even better this is Wars of religion for combat strength when a non-religious unit that follows a different religion to the Mast religion which is this one gets into war that is very handy so now

As you can see my tret gets plus five from military Alliance plus four from Wars of religion these sort of bonuses help to negate any bonus that Persia has I’m also going to immediately create an ironclad first call unit of the world I’ll hit with a travet and I’ll go bam

Thank you I will have that settler and thus everybody can now swoop in yes I know I know everyone is very weak at the moment sometimes the opportunity is worth more than the actual units are that’s what I’m going to tell myself anyway cartography okay even though I’ve

Got an ironclad I’ve just unlocked caravels behind that’s useful move you to that move you to that move you to that we’ll get my travet to attack from this little convenient Island which is lovely get my land unit to while land get the quad to attack and the Ironclad

Can do some damage okay we should be able to take this first city without much problem going from there well that’ll be quite difficult this is about the only easy City we can take but it’s it’s at least a land grab like a hold that we can take a there’s a lot there’s

A lot of very difficult Renaissance walls here it’s not just me that’s been building them unfortunately oh trade routs to Ottawa though that is a route and a half oh yes pick picking up Aral points as we attack picking up Faith as we attack but that is the first city now

Victor is just around the corner which is good providing a little bit more loyalty and we can move MOA briefly to try and take the city over further from that minus 11 oh I’d rather it wasn’t quite that bad bring The Inquisitor over to help with that one well Congress time

Let’s give me trade rots and you know what I think Cyrus is disliked so I’m going to say let’s go Cyrus generates more grievances than every body else might be a difficult sell given the fact that I’m the one Waring oh for goodness sake everything keeps breaking CPE sah

Okay we got one point not very effective here not very efficient on the old Congress but never mind CU these floods are so annoying never mind Ottawa that’s a lovely 30 gold route and it doesn’t go anywhere near Persia as well in fact it actually goes this way around the world

That’s oh I like that very clever 385 gold per turn oh I don’t mind if I do oh my Lord what’s happened here 86 strength all of a sudden on the walls H yeah you know what you know what I’m going to actually just ignore this fight we’re

Going after the Mayes Instead This is that’s ridiculous how am I supposed to beat that eh not with wooden boats anyway oh that’s a builder I stole a build no no no no no no no G oh that felt awful I felt I felt actually dirty

For a second there oh my Lord game don’t do that to me G all right yeah we’re going round these are good trade routes don’t get me wrong but I’ve got better trade groups of Canada now and these are much more obtainable cities okay you you’ve made your point Persia I reckon

These are curar if I could guess I reckon that’s what they’ve just put down nope scrap that I know what’s happened it’s Cavalry core let’s vote down the military emergency with all of the voting power I’ve got although that’s unlikely to work we’ll see who declares

War me Canada Oh Canada that is really annoying cuz I actually had quite a bit of trade with you fine fine okay trade rots red divert to the new city apparently this city will just keep now because of the emergency which is Handy I’ve now got seven of my unique walls up

As well 14 extra dipl play favor I’ve become quite rapidly the dip playay favor master in this game I just need to actually back it up with something useful which is easier said than D kilba would be useful Kil would be very use oh H that would be useful all right in in

The meantime just going to continue putting campuses down I feel like just a decent chunk of science always be useful in any game we’ll see if this turns out to be true you see this is quite clever Persia have actually elected to use a wall of Builders around their land

Knowing that I can’t get close to it they’ve seen the matter and they’ve evolved oh is that another Satler for me are you really going to just keep throwing sers in my direction okay I won’t complain thank you so much don’t need to make any of my any of

The Cities myself it’s all it’s all done for me it’s not as good an industrial Zone but this one is on the Coast so I can in theory pick up venician Arsenal which I think I want to save as an option is pretty good same in Missi I

Need my options and Venetian Arsenal is likely to give them to me I’m also now going to focus on sending trade routs to Arabia because I’ve got this alanin now plugged in I need to make sure ryantium is growing and I need to make sure all the trade rots are coming from ryantium

Because shingi is giving me the faith per turn bonus from all of this I’ve saved up quite a bit of Faith now byy some more Apostles always buy Apostles if you’re not sure what to do well here we go our first Shipyard this does a few

Things for us if I just have a little bit of a change of government priorities so scripture scripture’s been useful and religious orders is useful as well but neither are really gaining me much head ground at the moment I’m going to go Republican Legacy and we’re going to go Naval infrastructure now what’s

Happening is we’ve got a shipyard that will give each production because it’s doubling the plus4 and every one of these worked tiles in ryantium they’re all unimproved so they all take an extra reduction I think we’re going to go from 27 to about 43 if I could guess oh come

On look at that 43 in one oh I have actual production in this city I almost don’t know what to do with it I guess should we try putting kwood down it would give me Faith production a lot more envoys yeah actually that’s not a bad idea and I’ve got a couple of

Charges oh oh here’s the question do I want Venetian Arsenal and go warry or do I want KW and go economy so I can only afford one I’ve got two charges left on my Russia seor I’m going to rush Kwa I think I’d rather have the benefit that I

Know about right now and this is a really really good City yeah I’m doing it before I think too hard well this is just a little bit of chaos I can get the Mayans to declare war on Canada which is Handy cuz now I can declare war on the

Mayans it’s very confusing that means I can just quickly condemn a few Heretics you know just a usual usual Sunday afternoon job my Army is now already here to attack I Ironclad comes in this is a seven population city the Mayes are in a normal age that’s not too bad we’ll

Pillage this to bring the city strength down a little bit and Bam that’s pretty good already it’s all about speed using this Ironclad for as many fast attacks as we can get this bankin trade Confederation Republican all of these cards are very Naval themed but they’re working well I’m still building my

Unique District or my un walls which is very much keeping me diplomatically alive War a religion is paying for itself over the Mayans have some boats and they keep sing my Traders which is a little annoying but I think we can deal with that pretty soon as long as I don’t

Get to this batch and this batch I think we’ll be okay 40 Diplo favor to Persia and we can make peace with them that’s really good I’m not getting anywhere with them how about you join in with my Wars instead yay you see you love me

Really you love me in the minus 75 relationship they clearly don’t love me but you love me really I am clad says thank you so much for your city I’ll be keeping this oh minus 23 perhaps I won’t be keeping this it could be ambitious oh

How many times is this holy sight going to get flooded a lot a lot oh I need dams oh converting the city to my religion that has helped a lot with loyalty still not very happy but I just need to hold it until I take this city

And then I can bring Victor across and I think I’ll have a little bit more of a way of holding into this area but my arm is arriving in force now my first evangelization of a belief now there are lots of different options that I can

Take here pagodas will double up on dipl playay favor now I could combine my walls with pagodas to make each City give me three diplomatic favor that’s big equally mosques will give my missionaries and apostles plus one spread which would be hugely important for me Crusade would help me obviously

To attack so Crusade is domination mosque is religion Pagoda is diplomacy and the thing about diplomacy is that I can sell it so I think Pagoda is what I’m going to go for 380 Faith but look six faith in each building I think these are worth having so much bonus faith and

Dipl favor there we go up to plus 14 now lovely will this take the city it will only minus 10 on that oh that’s a little better how protective is Victor being pretty but I don’t care about those Seven Cities very much I’d rather have you up here loyal almost loyal oh we’ve

Stabilized the front Okay we have now landed this is all good you will notice yes I know I’ve stolen a builder don’t worry it has been deleted oh few I just I just oh I can’t imagine having one of those in my land terrible this is the

Capital now I suspect the capital is quite powerful I’m just going to see if I can find any visibility or any information about it no can’t quite get around that but we actually have a decent land Army and more importantly we’ve got some Siege towers as well I

Reckon we can make a good effort at Landing here here we go Kwa in my Capital with mosum excellent that’s a little bit of extra everything in my Capital three envoys when built 15% boost if I have one city state on my side and 30% well 15 across my Empire

And then 30% in this city if I have two at the very very least 15% bonus faith in that City that’s a big deal the number of Apostles that have just been removing My Religion from these city states is appalling I can’t fight it but I reckon I can steal zanar you know

That’ll be a big swing in this war one Envoy just a little bit more religion one more Envoy a little bit more religion one more Envoy religion converted almost almost come on do it with the last one there we go my religion is now on this city state that

Gave me a bonus Envoy and now we’ve almost got Zanzibar on side but that Ira score swing is almost enough to take me into the Golden Age here we go here’s the capital 11 population oh every pillage I make is really really painful because I can never fix it but I think

The Ironclad will never heal because I technically don’t have any coal even though it’s giving itself its own coal Supply it’s a weird way it figures it out it’s a little bit painful but I’m going to have to take off some of my trade rout advantages right now in in

Order to pick up professional Army and retinues next turn I unlock frigs and I want to unlock as many frigs as I can in one go here is another city with some silk and it is a sprawling Empire excellent I’ve almost settled entirely round the world accidentally considering

I have no Builders quite impressed with that pretty cool oh the scur the scur has left itself open I can just get a quick killing bam yes this Apostle has been annoying me for some time now now you can’t heal what you going to do well I’m going to ignore immediately quad

Into frig prioritizing any frigate with an upgrade potential which to be honest is most of them I’m pretty happy about that frot frot frot frig oh yes there you go look it was worth having that card in we’ve got four of them now that I’ve got Square rigging I might as well

Industrialize you know oh and finally my first spy that probably could have appeared before this point but never mind let’s send you over to cobat that’ll give us a little bit more combat strength against the miners actually saying that I’m going to pick up printing quickly might be worth it let’s

Try and chop through this encampment first because I think this is blocking my true path to the Mayan Capital elira Door in the other direction is just stopping my beautiful beautiful Invasion Force I think actually look at that we’re doing we’re doing good there are still ancient walls in this city oh that

Means if I attack knock some of the strength of the walls ah I don’t think they can upgrade their walls now fun little trick for you there he oh my poor Guru it just got one hit by that opponent I thought it was in the middle

Of a bunch of Apostles it was being protected nope that was a tragic loss of religious life but that’s okay because I think we can now hit this one back down to enough health so I can get the oh NOP it’s going to take something else with

It that’s unfortunate my lord of Rab’s religious unit is a strong can we take El midor oh this would be a huge huge coup for me if I could and I think I can with a naval Invasion with my unique unit it’s taken oh that’s good minus 16

You say that’s what I I call atrocious loyalty see if quickly oh hang on build up delete that pull you into the city try and start converting and City back to my glorious religion you know it’s possible encampment destroyed trets all go forward starts to attack their

Capital now oh this is good this is what I call an opening oh mosle has already healed it’s already healed that’s crazy okay I’m going to evangelize there’s no point hanging around there I’ve got a bit of a choice either I can start printing my Pils and missionaries

Cheaper or I can never lose from isolation from theological combat yeah monastic isolation is really handy I’m going to pop this one in now if I do lose an apostle it’s not the end of the world you know I made peace with Canada again no huge reason I just wanted to

Trade with them look I could I could trade my diplay favor away I’m keeping it because it’s pretty much my only strong chance a win condition I mean this will be my second capital which wouldn’t be too bad I’d be weirdly on the way to getting a domination Victory

But there’s three more candidates and Canada is so technologically advanced it’s scary Arabia have really big flanking bonuses it’s not fun oh I’ve just lost this religion from this city as well fall back fall back there’s always more faith there’s always more well that was fa holy city oh that’s

Quite fun whoopsie there we go there we go I set the walls down oh almost almost walls down bring my units forward bring my units forward can I can I destroy the walls with one attack I might risk a warry among retribution but let the walls are down now that’s effective

Don’t need professional army or retinues anymore let’s get the good stuff back in limes trade Confederation we finally had 100 science per turn it’s only 172 turns into this game so we’re not that far behind cough was the other thing I had to do build another University I thought

I had more than one campus did I not no I did have another campus oh yeah there we go there’s University astronomy boosted printing now boosted oh that’ll be a big help industrialization is going to boost it self that’s awesome and we’ve actually got two more cities that

Have lighthouses that can be purchased in so my economy can grow even more oh listening post ah if I’d done that at the beginning of the turn I probably would have yeah I probably would have taken the city but it would have been closer the world enters the Industrial

Age okay so I can’t make religious units very good anymore but everyone’s in a dark age apart from Canada good on you Canada I’m not going to be settling and movement on boats I don’t think is super useful reform the coinage give me a lot more gold heartbe of steam would be more

Useful if I had more campuses to Arms am I going to be killing cores and armies as I say with Georgia it’s almost more important to be looking at the normal age bonus so make sure you can do something fun there I think to Arms might be the handiest thing because then

I can produce more units and production is really crucial they reform mcquage that’s a steady stream of trade rout completion I’ve got 11 trade rates at the moment and the extra gold and the ability to not have them pillaged let’s see how effective that was yeah about 70

Gold per turn that’s quite big for my economy I think that was a pretty good choice yeah we’ll we’ll go with that for now this is the Mayan Capital now we’ll take another diplomatic hit but as you can see it doesn’t matter because I’ve got plus 21 from extra diplomatic favor

It doesn’t matter just to rub it in immediately not only do we delete the Builder but we now Start Spreading My Religion over such a better religion such a better religion oh Arabia I cannot tell you how annoying you’re being right now please please go away

The time will come when I can just invade and Destroy them so that their religion will never ever see the light of day again when that day comes oh I’m going to be so happy I will be so happy now note we actually do have some improvements now we’ve got silk a source

Of horse source of silver unfortunately not much of it is improved like the nighter that would have been really handy there’s three sources and not one of it is actually improved but I’ll take what little I can get that’s not bad at all oh the assault on the Mayan empire

Continues got great Admiral here I’ve got a a wall of frigs this unfortunately is a Renaissance wall this is going to be a little bit tougher to shoot through but I feel like I’ve broken the back of their army so I’ve got time now I didn’t

Have time before one day one day I will get around to building a dam it is not today but but one day I will oh this city just keeps getting blown to bits please please stop just can can my citizens learn to swim I think it’s going to be needed

Industrialization factories Coal Power actually coal as you can see from the lack of notifications doesn’t look like we have any coal some just outside of my city that’s useless I could have settled on that if I’d known about it that I can settle on ooh it’ll be right near my

Capital but I could settle on that one I could settle on that one I couldn’t settle there I could technically settle on that one and that one and that one ladies and gentlemen we have options I have coal options I think the only way we’re going to be able to push through

Is either with battleships artillery or bombers now artillery requires oil battleships I know I’ve got some coal available let’s do this stups gunpowder metal casting there’s techs we can unlock easily based on what we’ve got I’ll head down that aspect of the tree for now another little project in my

Capital the Coliseum I can get a seve of my cities with this and the extra culture and amenities is huge I have barely any munities in my land at the moment just not being able to improve anything is really hampering me but the Coliseum it was available it was being

Built in five turns look at that 1 2 3 4 5 five cities is is pretty good we will wait to see how much of an effect that truly has but my capital is for the first time pleasantly happy oh that’s a fun scientist two housing and one

Immunity my Capital yeah go for it we just had a boost of steam power and chemistry because my alliance has now gone to level two with Arabia I’m a little bit worrying in the longer run but for now it’s worth it well assuming Arabia is still at War you’re not come

On get back in Hit oh you don’t want to you’re useless military ally useless I say never mind I think we’ll be fine one frig attack two frig attack I’ll use my Ironclad to take out the musket and my unique unit to take the city look at

That bam keep yes did you see that the Mayans just got a free builder for that cheeky now they’re going to lose Copan and CH chinita eventually to loyalty I don’t see any harm in just investigating over in this direction oh you know what this city it’s not fully protected by

Walls you know we’ll have a little nosy here and see what we can do an admiral who rewards me for pillaging well okay then we’re merely passing by don’t worry about it Persia no one would ever attack without warning tell you what that we are having a lot of luck against this

Encampment oh that fell nice and quick look at that even better Yak chillan everyone’s favorit named City can be accessed from the coast excellent Canada is bringing fleets of Cavalry core to just help him with this sure don’t mind that at all I just keep pinching all the

Gold I can zanar still taking two for one oh yeah and that’s a lot of happiness for me so looking at this game I feel like I’m giving it a good go on pretty much every single Victory type apart maybe from culture yeah we’re not going to beat Canada at that one not

About Builders anyway science we’ll give that a go domination I’m two out of five that’s pretty good religion well something I did notice about religion Coupe never founded Bears and the Mayans well I pretty much wiped them from the face of the Earth means if I can destroy

Arabia’s religion I will be free because of my domination to win a religious victory that is suddenly a very good option for me I have to commit to this so what we’re going to do because I don’t want to lose my diplomacy is switch to theocracy now this could be

Dangerous because I lose all of my monarchic legacy but I can put that in as a card so I’m still getting my dipl playay favor but now I have another plus five religious strength I’ll get rid of trade Confederation for a second and pop in where is it religious or orders we’re

Going full religious Warfare my yields will take a bit of a hammering actually no they didn’t all my cities were unhappy anyway nothing changed oh okay then that’s fine now as I look at my Apostle this is a combat Apostle suddenly I have a huge absolutely huge ability to attack and

Destroy Arabian Apostles this is the chance that I’m looking for plus the military Alliance is really important the reason I’m keeping military Alliance is not because I’m actually using them as a military ally it’s because I can see where all their Apostles are uh-huh

I’m a genius I know I know it’s a shame that all of my trade rots have gone via the sea I would have loved a few more routs this way but hey it’s okay right let’s just quickly heal you all and we’re going to wade into battle now

Let’s go and take on this religion aggressively I’ll leave my inquisitors back at home I’m slowly leveling up MOA I can now bring back home although actually this isn’t a bad place for moxa in the longer run I can use moxa to spread my St through there yeah okay no

That’s fine double promoted MOA units is pretty cool well you know what I haven’t done I haven’t named any of my units in a long time oh the cedure is going so well and I feel like we’re going to be using you going forward so let’s give the unit some Channel supporters names

Thank you again for all of your support it’s wonderful sliced lime you have this beautiful frig with a double promotion as do you Scott Stratton a frig for you between the two of you I expect the walls of yak Chillin to fall very soon CR today you have the for mentioned

Beautiful ironcloud this thing is brutal just just be careful it’s it’s a live wire I’ll send Hardy after you you’ve got a frig just just make sure make sure CR doesn’t get themselves into trouble okay keep an eye tech poet’s feeling a bit fragile at the moment just fixing up

Your but don’t worry you’ll be back in combat before you know it and silver head of the mighty musket unit you’re very close to Urban Warfare I am excited for urban Warfare so no pressure some more voting now the world doesn’t like me anymore so I suspect anything I do

Will be what the game goes for and they like to put minus five loyalty on you so I’ll run with it for now the actual 20% faster population growth could be really handy when I have no worked tiles we’ll give that a go and Military advisory I’m

Going to go melee because it means that I can use Melly troops right by the enemy cities and know that the cities aren’t going to hit them with too much ranged retribution seven votes each let’s see what goes through well I haven’t been refunded a lot that’s a

Good thing Tamir and Melly yeah there we go look at that two points so we are now up to six of 20 as is Arabia I’ve missed out on a few and I haven’t got any of the Wonders so far that give you points so diplomatically we are going to win

This game it’s going to take a little while o Arabia just rejected my friendship I will send them an embassy I will open borders with them I’ll pull them into my war with the Mayans there you go look at that 13 friendship they should next turn offer me friendship I

Hope and I’m starting to put campuses out now which is really lovely I never mentioned that with Oakland and the shipyard all of my unimproved sea towers are now getting me three production which is lovely there’s a reason I didn’t build Mo in this city by the way

Coupe put the harbor down not much I could do about that but I feel like we’ve done well otherwise I still think Venetian Arsenal will be very handy so I felt why don’t you come along for the ride thank you Scott is going to pillage this Harbor and then continue the fire

Yes look at that we’re getting there we’re getting there next turn I reckon we can take this city for once do I want to fix these tiles I mean these are the rarest of things actually improved tiles in my Empire the thing is I could actually get myself some military

Engineers now does this have an Armory that has an Armory I could actually build myself military engineers okay so what I’ll do that spend a little bit of gold to just buy one and then I can come along and fix what I am pillaging oh we’ve ascended we’ve ascended finally

Into something useful there you go there’s the friendship I was worried that would expire it did not and as this military emergency fails and I get 200 Diplo favor which sets me up for the next Congress perfectly I will renew the military Alliance that perfectly reveals once again where all of the Arabian

Apostles are including these cheeky Critters o could we not could we absolutely not thank you so much oh there’re so much easier to kill now I’ve changed my government and finally a very special shout out goes to Glorious Petra Matthew Wilkinson Paul Coffee Portland Clint tennis Scott Stratton major King

Kong davc SK bear cinnamon beard Petra Ryan ROM 88 radat to Private Selection genua salami boy Zoro Callum Billy Garrett Gowan POA bar elru and Creston Arby hedge mushkin mandl tort ezri Dax deil time buriel I’m Daft gooberman Dr Bobby Paula wer mixam mosis ntg golfman Victor MC pupster indigenous 68

Technology poet Teddy Zer thank you everyone for your support see you all on the next video goodbye



  1. Hey, Ursa! You know what usually goes along well with Monastic Isolation belief in my games? Mont Saint-Michel! Not only your Apostles become expendable, but now if you want to get rid of one instead of trying to heal it, you're gonna get a bonus faith and tourism source from it! Imagine if you also had reliquaries with it – oh, the joy.

  2. A useful great admiral, but I don't think the best. I prefer the one that creates an armada. The AI civs rarely build much of a navy and an early frigate armada then latter battleship armada makes it easy to capture any coastal city, then can sit in that city bombarding any land units the AI sends at you.