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In This Video I’m Gonna Be Forming The SLAVONIAN CONFEDERATION! in Age Of History 2.

The Mod I Use For Age Of History 2—V
The New Era Mod

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What’s up guys and welcome back to another video today’s video I’m going to remember me quite an interesting suggestion and it’s called the slavonian Empire so this one sounds like the Slovenian Empire but this is this this is for another different video so I’ve only Empire is pretty much Russia

Belarus Ukraine the Don Bass uh Serbia Georgia the Breakaway States from from Georgia as well as our minions that’s all I needed I’m gonna call this the slow Slovenian Confederation because it sounds more better this is a very it’s a very I do like the name it’s

Quite interesting so uh yeah I decided to do this one so yeah San Antonio first so I can also call these guys little but I don’t need them right now this is just invade Belarus real quick there we go take over the Capitol building really quickly reverse very quickly

And it’s gonna be fully annexation there we go there you go now we got a let’s do that that works too I guess um don’t ask how I’m doing this all right I’m yeah I’m just I’m just doing a little small trick there’s not another character because

It’s obvious because there’s no way not a good goes this fast unless you have a really busted one that actually goes actually that crazy well now I gotta prepare the whole border for the invasion of craves I’ll see you guys in just a second so yeah

We’re already doing the Ukraine we got a whole Army set up across the whole border and we also got them in cry me as well we’re going to be invading this first as well so yeah we’re gonna be declaring more on Ukraine I’m also going to be declaring a war on

On these guys as well let’s do this and we’re also gonna go to Grammy as well I’m gonna crush this guys and that’s a Navy okay you guys can move forward a little bit you guys can move forward a little bit as well as you guys you guys can take over the area over here you guys need to push down a little bit

More that’s a big that’s a big army and Kiev right there there we go just do this so just make everything easier and that’s a little bit crying down as well as the Dom bass too so let’s just pull your next Ukraine what’s gonna make the donbassy

And there we go well do we do lose an ally but oh well so be it here we go I wish you guys can hear how fast I’m clicking on the on the mouse it will be quite it’ll be kind of kind of funny for the video

I’m going to just use every single video now and I don’t know why it’s just satisfied all right I need to fix up Ukraine a little bit all right car give you guys need to chill all right there we go all right so now we gotta invade uh

Georgia the Breakaway stays in Armenia so this is going to be kind of easy so I’ll see you guys in just a second all right we are ready so let’s just um hold on here a second I’m gonna be invading all these at once foreign on the troops over here because we’re gonna also be invading Armenia too and this is part of the Confederation and there we go that’s all we needed so yeah next so Sonic’s South procedure kazia and all of Georgia

There we go so all we have to do is just cut it with a Serbia and this is going to be a little bit well the only way to do this is by very much while going to Montenegro invading they’re making them a puppet and then we can just erase our

Pants for your maximum but we can also do this we just made Montenegro like our pop to stay really from Montenegro is so we’ve just vassal State that’s it again just keep my Russian troops over there and I’m also gonna invade It’s gonna invade um Serbia I almost forgotten in there for a second I don’t know why it’s already been 10 minutes so this is pretty fast to me even probably even faster when I’m gonna be editing in this and there we go there’s the slavonian Confederation that’s what I’m gonna call it so

Yeah there you go we did it so hold on let me just so here’s all the core States obviously there’s still this needs to be you know stabilizable Serbia because we just conquered it but yeah we did it took about 11 minutes so I’ll see you guys next video peace out




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