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In This Video I’m Gonna Be Forming The BRITISH CONFEDERATION! In Age Of History 2.

The Mod I Use For Age Of History 2—V
The New Era Mod

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Any Dumb Or Negative Comments About Why I Use Sandbox Mode, Will Be Deleted Since Too Many People Are Constantly Complaining About The Stupid SANDBOX MODE LIKE DUDE JUST LET ME PLAY THE GAME!!!
What’s up guys and welcome back to another video today’s video I’m going to be forming my own British Empire and this is my own not the actual one from the game so yeah the first time I’m playing as the UK ever since I’ve been doing age of History 2 for like a month

And a half now two months I don’t even remember anymore but yeah um this British Empire is going to require Island Man all of Ireland all of Iceland the foral islands uh what else uh and this island right here and maybe the coast of France really that’s all that’s going to

Require so yeah um I’ve already got 100,000 troops cuz the UK is incredibly broken in sandbox mode so yeah we’re going to just uh start invading Ireland here real fast get them out of the way fully anx them and then uh yeah we can focus on the small Islands

After and so like we can just get them out of the way with all right uh let’s build a let’s build a port over here so we can just uh take care of you you small fell He there we go all right Ireland they’re going to be fully annexed and then this little fell is also going to be fully an next there we go now we want to send the troops over here there we go take that over real quick and then we

Want to move our troops all the way over here uh inade Iceland split the Army up into groups let send the Army back over here and there we go that solo isand down so we can fully an next the whole thing same with the far Islands which is

This is actually a d is this yeah was yeah this is a Danish Province I yeah or Norwegian I think it’s a Danish one but yeah all right let’s put our troops back all the way over here come on fellas how big is our army we do we

Still got a big army yes we kind of do we still got a pretty big army all right uh with the stabilizer we’re about to see one of the most satisfying one of the most satisfying things ever in this game yep there you go that was the most satisfying

Thing I’m going to wait a little bit get a rest there we go let’s finish you off I Guess there we go boom so you’re going to have troops set up on this island over here going to set about 20,000 in the ocean what else we want to set about 20,000 over here on this side so we’re pretty much uh ready to invade here I will be sending some

Troops back into the UK here just so that the French don’t do a naval landing on my country and then everything just back backfires completely so let’s just do this I all I need is just the coast so um now let’s also get the Italians in the war might

As well help get the Italians in the war let them have a little bit of Revenge okay declare war you guys make a landing in Britany you guys make a landing over here in in the West Coast uh you guys can make a landing in Normandy and you guys can make a landing

Over here where Don Kirk is I think yeah Don all right that worked out pretty well yeah we’re going to be leaving all that exposed here in a second you guys can go back over here while we finish these two provinces over here keep pushing down you guys can push

Forward okay we can take over Paris already which is a good sign I hope I can take in at least cuz the Army and the French army might be completely broken at this point and by that I mean they might be complet like like big army they might

Have a big army me you know let’s also call our German friends in here so let’s call Germany for for a little bit of Revenge all you guys can invade this we’re doing a decent job of the protecting our land here I send these guys some of them back over here

Come on fellas take over some stuff come on don’t be don’t be sleeping behind I completely just ignore the nor the north from front from here I completely been ignoring this the whole time oh well they go off as rain back at least that’s nice and I just notic that this whole

Front right here is completely just exposed what are we doing yeah I’m not this no way I’m taking that over you guys can take this over though yeah I pretty much kind of did all the work at this point like come on let’s be serious I did all the

Work all right come on push him push him all right let’s let’s call the peace treaty in at this point we just W the co slime from the French not about this much no we can’t pop it them but yeah there’s my little small British Empire which is my own so yeah

We got a few countries over here so yeah Iceland four islands all of Ireland is men these over here and the coast of R so yeah there you go hope you enjoy this video make subcribe to Bell like the video share the video I’ll see you next video peace




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